Going Out In Gainesville: Do's and Don'ts Of Partying In The Swamp


If there’s one thing some Gator girls wish they could get a degree in, it’s partying. However, when the Gainesville bars close, we have to pick our dignity up off the ground, close our bar tabs, and prepare for the hangover to kick in.

If you find yourself drinking around the world at Salty’s or partying with the athletes at 101 Cantina, remember these do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a night to (not) remember:

DO bring extra money and your student ID 
If a ride falls through or the designated driver gets too drunk, it’s quick and easy to call a cab or ride the Later Gator home. Most cabs take around 20 minutes to pick you up, and if you’re riding with friends, it only costs about $6 to split one.

DON’T drink and drive 
It’s drilled into our brains over and over, but it’s important to stick by this law. Not only do you put yourself in danger, but you also put everyone around you at risk. Aside from hurting someone else, you could end up with a DUI, and that could result in many consequences like getting kicked out of school.

DO be safe 
It never hurts to have pepper spray or whistle handy in case something goes wrong. Being prepared could ultimately keep you out of trouble. Pepper spray even comes in cute pink key chains, and it can be purchased at Walmart for about $10.

DON’T accept drinks from people you don’t know 
If you don’t know them, don’t take the drink. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s relatively easy for someone to put something in your drink now-a-days. If you accept a drink from a cutie, get it directly from the bartender!

DO have a good time
There’s a difference between having fun and getting out of control. You can dance the night away and have a few cocktails, but the point is to have fun with the people you’re with -- not compete in a drinking contest.

DON’T sit down on the toilet seats 
If you are familiar with any of the bathrooms in Gainesville, then you know that they are not the classiest bathrooms in the world. Most of them don’t have toilet paper, and don’t be surprised if there’s a girl puking her brains out in the next stall. Seriously… just don’t sit on the toilet seats.

DO take care of “the drunk friend” 
We have all had those friends. They drink too much, make a fool of themselves, order a huge burger from Relish, and end up passing out on the floor when they get home. Although it can get annoying, it’s extremely important to take care of a heavily intoxicated friend. Bring them water, and check on them constantly to make sure they’re okay.

DON’T wander by yourself
Leaving your friends and walking around by yourself is never a good idea. You may have some liquid confidence and feel invincible, but it’s never safe to be alone after you’ve consumed too much alcohol.

Now that you know all the necessary rules for going out in Gainesville, call up a friend, throw on a dress, and hit the town.