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Girl Code: The Rules You Shouldn’t Break


Bro Code (noun): The unspoken rules among men that can never be broken. 
Used in a sentence: “You hooked up with his girlfriend? Dude, that is so against the Bro Code.”

But what about the Girl Code? Does it even exist? Sure, you might have had a slip-up here or there and started a rumor once or twice…. But hey, these rules were never set in stone, right? Though gone unmentioned, here are some Girl Code rules that should never be messed with:

1. Spare a Square 
Okay, this is a little awkward, but if a fellow lady asks you to hand over some toilet paper from the stall next door, please do it. Are you really going to let the girl drip-dry? No. That’s gross. Help a sister out. Check out this clip from an episode of Seinfeld! It’s a perfect example of what we’re talking about!

2. Exes are off limits 
“But they haven’t dated for over a year!” Nope. Just don’t do it. Regardless of how long your friend has been listed as single on her Facebook page, ex-boyfriends are not an option. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Even if she says she has moved on, friendships are more important.

3. Food judging 
Don’t under-eat around other girls. You won’t be fooling anyone. Girls should not feel like they’re making each other uncomfortable by finishing off a plate. If you are hungry… Eat. It should not be a competition to see who can eat the least amount.

4. The “I’ve got your back” Code 
If a girl walks out the bathroom with toilet paper under her shoe, you have to tell her. Are you really going to just let her embarrass herself in front of the whole bar? I don’t think so. And ladies, this also goes for food in teeth, skirts tucked into panties, and anything hanging out of her nose.

5. Being the honest friend 
As hard as this one might be, you should tell a friend if an outfit she is wearing is not the most flattering. Be positive and careful with the phrasing, but if she asks for your honest opinion, you should give it to her. Don’t tell her she looks amazing when you know a different fit would look much better on her. Trust me, she will thank you for it later.




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