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Getting Woodsy This Spring: Your Guide to Woodser Fashion

It’s that time of year again: when everyone is decorating Bubba Kegs with that someone special in mind. When everyone is earnestly awaiting invitations to upcoming woodser functions. When the weather is crazy and it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to wear to a nighttime function in the woods. That time of year is woodser season, and it’s an exciting time for collegiettes all around the U.S. The weather has been crazy this past month — scorching hot one day, followed by a day of windy cold breezes. This makes searching for a woodser outfit difficult because it is hard to determine ahead of time what to wear. It’s important to have multiple outfit ideas in mind in order to be prepared and have your woodser be fun and effortless. Here are some ideas to make your woodser ensemble fashionable and cute!

Camouflage: This is the one time of year you can deck out in all camo and no one will be able to judge you for a second. Camouflage is a great option for cold weather temperatures because there are many cute fitted long-sleeved tops that can be found at any outdoorsy store. My favorite camo article of clothing is Marley Lilly’s camo baseball cap. I have one with my initials monogrammed in hot pink on the front. Baseball caps are great because if the night is windy, your hair will easily stay under control.

Flannels: Type in “woodser” on Pinterest and you will find endless photos of girls and their dates wearing flannel shirts. Flannels are great because if it’s hot out, you can layer a cute lacy cami underneath and tie the flannel around your waist. Flannels come in all fits and prints, and they look cute oversized or fitted either with shorts or jeans.

Lace: Trying to look a little more cute and dressy? Then lace is the perfect fabric choice for you! Denim and lace, leather and lace — honestly, anything and lace — is the perfect combination. You can dress up your woodser outfit by pairing your denim cut-off shorts with a cute colorful lacy strapless top or dress up high-waisted jean shorts with a solid colored lace crop top. If it’s an extremely cold night out, lace is the perfect piece to layer under your North Face jacket or even flannel so you can stay cute and warm.

Boots: Shoes make up a major part of any woodser clothing ensemble. Whether you’re a country girl at heart in love with your Ariat or Frye Boots, or you prefer a trendy motorcycle-style boot, they’re the perfect choice of footwear for the woods. In boots you won’t have to worry about the grass being wet or messing up a cute pair of flats. Not to mention, they are the perfect choice of shoe when it comes to swing dancing!

No matter what your sense of style may be, there’s something cute and fashionable for every collegiette searching for the perfect woodser outfit. If you’re sick of wearing that same old flannel shirt you’ve worn to the last two woodsers, then mix things up a bit and try out camoflage or lace!

Photo credit: explorenature.org

Hey I'm Spencer! I'm a senior journalism major with a leadership minor here at UF. I love traveling to different countries, running half marathons and spending time with my friends. This past summer I had two pr and marketing internships in NYC with fashion labels JOVANI and REISS. I'll be graduating and moving back to NYC this December.
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