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Gators Love the Ta-tas®!

During our last two weeks of school, Her Campus has gone pink and partnered up with Save the Ta-tas®.
Save the Ta-tas® is a breast cancer awareness brand that sells cute t-shirts, bracelets, pins, stickers and other fun everyday apparel and accessories with the mission of fighting cancer at every stage while loving their ta-tas®.

Save the Ta-tas® gives 5 percent of its gross sales income to the Save the Ta-tas® Foundation to fight cancer. With every item sold, nearly 50 percent of the proceeds are used to support independent cancer research. More than $650,000 has been donated to breast cancer research by Save the Ta-tas® Foundation to date. With every $50,000 made, the foundation provides salaries to independent breast cancer researchers for one full year.

In order to receive this generous beneficiary, researchers have to go through a very selective application process. Right now, Save the Ta-tas® is currently funding three researchers through a partnership with Concern Foundation. The Concern Foundation discovers new scientific talent and funds breakthrough research with the help of organizations like Save the Ta-tas®.
Their website boasts photos of girls in their Ta-tas® shirts, news and events happening that are related to the brand, stories shared by people affected by breast cancer and survivors and blogging buddies who share their stories with each other through their journeys.
So why did we bring Save the Ta-tas® to Gainesville? We want our Lady Gators to rock their Ta-tas®, love their Ta-tas®, and want to save their Ta-tas®. So many people are being affected by breast cancer every day and this is our small way of making a difference.
There are many ways to get involved and help Save the Ta-tas®.
“You can shop on our website, contribute through a direct donation, fundraise with Save the Ta-tas® or become a retailer of ta-tas® brand merchandise,” said Jessica Ardi, marketing director for Save the Ta-tas®.
When we distributed the Save the Ta-tas® buttons, stickers and flyers to students on campus last week we hoped to spread awareness and help Save the Ta-tas® in their fight against breast cancer. We were surprised with the positive response from the Gator Nation. Students were eager to learn more about the brand and to get their hands on Ta-tas® merchandise.
So, go ahead and save ‘em by clicking here.

Karina Cuevas is currently enrolled as a freshman at the University of Florida, Class of 2014, as a Journalism and Political Science double-major and a German and Business Administration double-minor. Born in New York, she moved to Orlando, Florida with her family 6 years ago and is now residing in Gainesville, Florida, thus experiencing life in both urban and rural areas. When she isn't watching E!, obsessing over Gossip Girl, working part-time at Hollister, singing along to Taylor Swift's songs, shopping, or baking, Karina enjoys journaling, taking photos around campus, and spending time with her friends and family. Because she's interested in fashion, music and journalism, after college Karina hopes to move back to New York City and land a job at a prominent magazine. (Because magazines aren't dead.) ♥
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