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GatorGlam: Finding the Right Eyeliner


Are you confused about which eyeliner you should choose, which one goes where, and how to wear it? Trust me, I am, too. At least, I was. I have done some invaluable research on the pros and cons of each different form of eyeliner, and I’m here to pass this information along to you!

Pencil: the most common of all eyeliners. I have found that pencil works best for filling in the waterline and giving you that sultry look. The biggest problem with pencil eyeliners is getting them to stay. Most wear off after one or two hours of use, which is extremely frustrating! Luckily, I have found one that stays put, whether you are wearing it for a day of school or dancing the night away. It’s Urban Decay’s Zero, and it works wonders!

With pencil eyeliner, you also need to make sure you are consistently sharpening it. If you leave it dull, it has the potential of growing bacteria on the tip that can cause serious problems in your eyes. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience!

Gel: my personal favorite. It requires an eyeliner brush, and with this, you can easily give the line any shape that you want. I find that it stays on for a very long time, and it’s even hard to take off! This eyeliner is great for the smokey eye look, since it’s easily blend-able. However, you should not this type of liner for your waterline — it can cause serious damage to your eyes!

Liquid: the secret tool for the perfect cat-eye. This eyeliner is similar to the gel eyeliner, but with less malleability. I like this eyeliner for a night out; it adds a classy night look that the other forms of eyeliners can’t. Once again, never put this form of eyeliner in your waterline. That is not for what it’s made for!  

I hope these tips help you find the perfect eyeliner for everyday wear or a night on the town!

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