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GatorGlam: Dressing for Success

Career Showcase is just around the corner, and GatorGlam is here to help you shine and make that lasting first impression. Check out this list of do’s and don’ts, and get ready to land your dream internship!

DO wear something you feel comfortable in.
Although those new, blister-inducing shoes might look great with your dress pants, nothing is worse than focusing on pain rather than a conversation with an employment recruiter. The more comfortable you feel in your clothes, the more confidence you will have. People will definitely notice!

DON’T be afraid to show off your personality.
The color black may seem like a safe bet, but recruiters will notice a pop of color if you wear a statement necklace or blouse. It will be much easier for them to remember your fashion statement in a sea of humdrum suits when they go through hundreds of resumes and try putting names and faces together. Just remember to keep it professional!

DO wear heels.
Although you might own a cute pair of flats, there is nothing more professional than heels. They will make the right first impression! Wear a pair of sleek, black pumps or chic, nude heels. So cute!

DON’T overdo it on the perfume. In fact, try not to wear any perfume at all.
You never know if your favorite scent also happens to be the recruiter’s ex-girlfriend’s favorite as well. This could have a subliminal, negative impact that could affect the outcome of your interview.

DO wear a watch.
A watch is a great accessory that can complement any outfit. Plus, it looks more professional to check the time on your wrist rather than your phone!

DON’T be afraid to smile!
Wear minimal makeup to let your inner beauty and confidence shine through.

Good luck, girls!

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