Gator Glam: Shoes to Rock for Graduation

When it comes to graduation, things can start to get a little hectic. You spend time deciding on a cute dress, figuring out what extended family is invited and finally getting across that stage. But there’s one thing that you may regret looking over when it comes time to take that final step—the shoes! There are some important qualities to think about before picking the perfect pair.


1. ComfortAlthough being comfortable might be the last thing you are thinking about when it comes to graduation, you don’t want to be stuck in pain during the long ceremony just to flinch every step you take on stage. Yes, your shoes need to be fabulous and sophisticated, but make sure to try them on and walk around in them a little before you buy them.

2. StyleThe first type of shoe that might come to mind when you think of your graduation dress is probably pumps or heels. While the Jessica Simpson nude platform heels are always a classic, there are tons of different styles to consider when completing your look. You can do fancy wedges or more casual, springtime wedges if they match your dress better. Also, flats might be a good option for those who hate pumps and care more for comfort.

3. ColorFor some, the main shoe color that girls pair with their outfit tends to be either a nude or white color to stay neutral and match the dress and graduation gown. But why not stand out and rock a bold hue? Pairing your dress with a bright red or bold black can be just as classy and fantastic, or maybe even try a pretty blue. Go Gators!

4. PriceSome people aren’t willing to spend a fortune for a pair of new shoes, or maybe they just want to focus more of their budget on their dress. If you're on a tight budget, don’t fret because there are tons of awesome shoes for price-conscious collegiettes. Check out different stores such as Payless and DSW for steals and even small stores in the mall like Traffic. You can always try online stores like Zappos for deals as well.

These are just a few things to consider when finishing off your graduation outfit with my personal favorite accessory of all—shoes! There are many different qualities to consider, but having any mix of those listed above can help you make sure it’s worth it. An extra tip: Make sure these heels are a little more classy; you don’t want to wear the same ones you ruin at Midtown every weekend! Either way, these shoes are carrying you into adulthood, so you need to love every second you’re in them.