Gator Glam: Our Favorite Fall Trends


It often seems like there are so many trends that come and go; but every once in a while, we just want to stick to a few staple looks that will help us out as the temperature finally starts to drop. Here are some classic styles to look out for this fall:

Makeup: It may not be getting much colder here in Gainesville just yet, but glowing cheeks are always in style. Enhancing your cheeks with a little color can help make your skin look fresh and natural. Go a little bit lighter on the bronzer from now on, and rely more on your blush to help get a fall-inspired look.

Hair: If you’re one of those people who can never decide between dying your hair lighter or darker, you’re in luck; “bronde” is the perfect hair color for fall. Getting a few lowlights in your blonde hair, or highlighting your darker color by a few subtle hues, is a great way to experiment with new hair without actually having the pressure of a drastic change.

Clothing: Rompers are pretty prevalent out at Midtown, but with colder weather on the way, rompers may not be so realistic to wear out. Not to fret because jumpsuits are making a comeback! These fall must-haves can be dressed up or worn casually and are all over the store shelves right now.

Shoes: If you’re tired of your knee-highs or combat boots but don’t want to wear heels, I suggest investing in a pair of booties. With a lower cut and a smaller heel, booties go well with casual outfits for class or with dressy ones for nights out in Midtown. My sister has been trying to get me to buy a pair of these for years!

Accessories: Sometimes it’s hard to have fun with winter jackets and jeans, but long necklaces with pendants are a fun and unique way to dress up a seemingly dull outfit. A cool charm or rock hanging from a chord is cheap, easy and trendy and can also be paired with multiple necklaces for a layered look.

Now you’re ready to face the world of fall fashion. Whatever the occasion or your personal style may be, hopefully you can use these tips next time you’re online shopping in class!


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