Gator Glam: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Spring Break is officially over, and you can already feel your tan fading away each time you look in the mirror. After being bundled up for the (short) winter season, the last thing us collegiettes™ want is to let go of our newly bronzed glow. And since we live in Florida, being tan is almost a necessity.

Yes, you can spend your days lying by the pool, but that doesn’t always seem to be the most reliable way to tan for a number of reasons. For one, the rainy season that comes with summer can guarantee many cloudy days. Second, many people want to keep their skin healthy and safe as long as possible by protecting themselves from the sun's harmful rays. Lastly, we are often too busy being productive UF students to spend all of our time at the pool.

Another alternative is the fake bake. Many people like to lie in tanning beds or get a spray tan, but these cause problems as well. Not only do they cost money, but tanning beds are just as bad for your skin as baking in the sun. Some people use spray tans as an alternative but can sometimes end up looking unnatural, and the tans don’t last very long.

Not to worry! I’ve found a solution, and it’s called Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. I know there are tons of different tanning lotions on the market, but from personal experience, I must say Jergens Natural Glow (when used correctly) can give you just that: a constant natural glow!

When people compliment me on my tan and I tell them how I do it, they usually make comments like, “Oh I heard that gets on all your clothes,” and “Doesn’t that stain your hands?” The answer is a big fat no! There’s a simple formula for getting it right.

When you use the product initially, it’s important to get the lightest shade or shade closest to your natural color and work your way up (I’m currently a shade higher). I typically apply it to my body after I shower and wear a loose robe for a few minutes to let it dry into my skin before I put on any tight clothing. I always make sure to rub it in well, and I never apply it too heavily at once. I wash my hands as soon as I’m done to make sure I get rid of any residue on my palms.

It’s important to know that you won’t wake up the next morning four shades darker, but even after just a few uses, a subtle glow will become more noticeable. The thing I love about Jergens is that you can keep a natural tan for as long as you want (aka forever), it’s super cheap, and you can buy it at your local Target or Wal-Mart! Plus, they now have different types that include sunscreen or cellulite-firming ingredients.

There are hundreds of different products out there, but it’s safe to say Jergens is the winner for me and I would recommend it to anyone. Whatever you choose, happy tanning!