Gator Glam: ICYMI, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

If you have Victoria’s Secret on Snapchat (handle: victoriassecret) or if you are a living, breathing person, you knew that the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was upon us and aired Monday at 10/9c. While some of us gals would rather see the show than study for our finals (priorities!), I kept those collegiettes who were hitting the books covered as I covered the whole hour-long runway show. Let’s get started…

The show begun with clips of this year’s location: Le Grand Palais in Paris, France. The dreamy, glass structure was featured while the models were recorded arriving at the venue all gorgeous and flawless. This year, artists Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd took the stage to sing tunes so the models could strut their stuff on the runway. What I like about the VSFS is that the modeling is so energetic and casual — you can see a personality behind each model, compared to other haute-couture runways.

Backstage shots of people running around putting wings on the models while screaming showed the struggle and nervousness that goes on behind the scenes. Lady Gaga, with her strong and beautiful voice, strut down the runway as if she were one of the models and began singing a song from her newest album Joanne while Elsa Hosk opened the show.

The lingerie looked flawless — it had dark red and bright blue details in its tribal prints and feathers, accompanied by suspenders and bolo jackets with kitsch style accessories, like colorful pompoms. Very psychedelic. The show had a large number of known models, as well as new models to keep an eye on in the fashion industry. The usuals were present: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge and many others. The models were then shown talking about their first times in Paris, as they admired the beautiful location where their dreams were coming true.

The models rocked their usual wavy, Bombshell Blowouts and sported glossy lips and strobed skin to accentuate a glowy, healthy, youthful skin that radiates the sexiness needed to be VSFS-worthy. Those with light skin rocked copper, shiny lids with heavy lashes, while melanin- blessed gals rocked heavy lashes and heavy-rimmed eyes to make them look bigger. Models of East Asian descent wore pinky shades on their lips and cheeks to give off that healthy, supple skin that we all crave.

The next collection had lingerie with lace borders and fabrics that played with transparencies, creating a smart peek-a-boo effect on the models’ bodies, while flowers were sewn onto basically everything. Bruno Mars took the stage as the PINK collection hit the spotlight. What you will be seeing in the stores are dusty and light pinks, paired with black stripes and knee-high socks, à la poodle skirts in the 50s. Very cute.

The Weeknd stepped in to sing his uber-famous tune “Starboy” (a personal fave). Adriana Lima opened this section of the show that composed of shiny fabrics (think leather, plastic and silks). Dark, sexy colors like dark reds, turquoises, grays, and nudes were mixed with wings that looked so loose that it appeared the models were surrounded by water.

As a commercial break happened, I grabbed a snack but then immediately questioned that choice when the models started talking about their fitness routines and how hard they worked for months before the show. Snack: dropped.

The next collection, I can guess, was inspired by maid-costumes, as black lace and white button-down features in the lingerie dominated the runway with raven-like wings, giving the audience Edgar Allan Poe feels.

This year’s Fantasy Bra was worn by Jasmine Tookes. Look at the beauty. Look at it.

The last runway collection was more crystal-studded than ever. Grays, blues, reds and shiny crystals blinded you while the models strut down the runway looking like a million bucks. The lingerie took an interesting new path and turned more into skin-color mesh with diamonds, so it would create the illusion of the skin literally shining like crystals.

Sadly, this is where the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ended.

The show was, as always, well done and the lingerie was beautifully designed for any liking. A true success. Let’s see what’s in store for next year!

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