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Gator Glam: Flash Tattoos make a splash in Gainesville

My senior Fall started off as any other, as hectic as humanly possible. Recruitment ends and gamedays begin. A new semester brings new styles and looks I would never consider dawning until seeing hundreds of other girls at Midtown wearing them.This semester it was Flash Tattoos.

“What are Flash Tattoos?” you might ask. Well, to sum it up in one sentence, they are essentially the perfect mix between jewelry and a tattoo. Basically, they are temporary tattoos that are easy to apply and last for a little over a week. You can get a ton of different metallic designs and styles in either gold or silver and can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

The most popular I’ve seen are the gold tattoos around the lower or upper part of the arms to mimic fake jewelry. There are also other styles like palm trees and tribal designs that look like trendy tattoos on the back of the neck or the back of the lower leg.

It seems these flash tats popped up out of nowhere, so I asked around to see where people were finding out about them.

“I originally heard of flash tats when they came free with a bikini I bought for Spring Break this year. I think they were given as a promotion,” said Robyn Russell, a fourth-year advertising student. “By the time Fall rolled around, so many people at school were wearing them – on bid day, gamedays, and some people just wear them for fun!

“The popularity blew up this past month, and now, I can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a few pictures with them. I think they’re mostly popular because it’s similar to body jewelry, but you don’t have to worry about losing it, and there’s so much variety in the tattoos versus buying a gold arm bracelet.”

You can get a pack of flash tats for about $20, and the set includes three to four sheets of various designs. For more information, check out the official Flash Tattoos website and Instagram accounts like “Lula DK Tattoos.” I even saw Wolfgang promoting them on Instagram at the store’s cocktail party.

If you’re into rocking a little bit of sparkle on gameday, grab some of these flash tats before the fall weather makes us hide our skin!


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