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Gator Glam: Dress for Success

With the spring semester “springing” upon us collegiettes out of nowhere, you may be freaking out about getting a summer internship or job. After hard work, countless emails and networking, you will definitely land an interview, only to frantically search your closet for something appropriate to wear. From the Career Resource Center’s website to good ol’ mom and dad, there are tons of tips on how to dress for an interview or job, but some outfits can seem boring or feel extremely uncomfortable. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you have a killer outfit to match that killer job.

1. First impressions are extremely important, especially when you only have one chance to win someone over and not much time to do so. It’s only natural that someone will make a quick first judgment based off what you’re wearing, and if you look the part, it’ll be that much easier to show that you deserve the part.2. Wearing the right outfit can give you confidence and show your prospective employer that you take this seriously. When we feel beautiful, it shows through our personality and smile. You always want to make sure everything fits correctly and works for your body so your clothes do not distract you during the interview.3. When in doubt, shop it out. There are plenty of classic pieces you can find at any major department store and pair together for tons of different ideas.

Some staples include:-Blazer, preferably black-Dress pants (also best in black or a neutral color)-Pencil skirt (length should be at the knees, and the color should be black or neutral as well)-Flats or short heels (simple is best, with colors like nude, black, brown or grey)-Dressy blouses and button-downs  (pastel colors can spice up a boring outfit)-Business-appropriate dresses (doesn't expose legs or cleavage too much)

Personally, I’ve always felt impressive yet relaxed in my favorite work outfit: black stretchy dress pants from JCPenney, a nude and black silk button-down blouse, my roommate’s black blazer and my nude flats. If nothing else, remember this: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


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Hi, my name is Kelli Eichorn. This spring I am a fourth year Telecommunications major, specializing in Media and Society and minoring in Anthropology. I love reading and writing, and have a strong passion for both print and broadcast journalism, as well as social media and it's influence on society. My dream is to one day write for a major fashion magazine. This is my fourth semester being involved with Her Campus and I am so excited to be serving as a blogger for GatorGlam! GatorGlam is a blog about beauty, makeup, and skin care for the "Florida" girl. Some of my favorite things include spending time with my sorority sisters, going to the beach, naps, animals, and listening to music.
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