Gator Glam: D(Hair) To Be Different

As we collegiettes™ grow older and more mature, we often decide to try out different styles and colors for our hair. Lately, it seems as if people have been changing their hair all the time! And with so many options, why not?

I’ve come up with a few popular hair fads and asked some fellow UF students what they think about three different trends. The following are their opinions of ombre hair, the middle part, and the sock bun.

Ombre Hair“I’m over the ombre fad for a multitude of reasons. One reason is that it’s overplayed; it seems like everyone has it. I also think getting it done to your hair ultimately causes so much damage that it’s not worth it. I’ve seen people’s ends literally break off after the treatment. I think everyone should just embrace their natural hair!” - Ariel Leighton, finance junior

“I think it’s in style and will stay that way. It’s a great thing for people because they don’t have to dye their roots, so it’s not fully committing to dying your hair and keeping up with it. It’s a certain edgier, younger style and is overall a great look.” – Elle Sacerdote, marketing junior

The Middle Part: “I like the middle part! I think if you have the right face shape, it works well. It’s almost one of those things where some people can really pull it off, but some people can’t.” – Amber Razzano, exploratory freshman

“There are three types of people: one that can rock the middle part, one that tries to work it but can’t, and the rest who know they can’t and don’t even bother trying. I am included in that last group! If you can rock it and are trendy enough, do it. But if not, just stick to the side part.” – Jen Korngold, psychology junior

The Sock Bun: “I just don’t have enough hair to do the sock bun. I’ve tried to do it before, and, every time I try, all of my hair ends up falling out. I don’t think guys like it, either. It tightens your face, and, unless you have great cheekbones, I don’t think it’s flattering.” – Katie Robb, telecommunication senior

“I like sock buns! They’re easy and help put an outfit together. I don’t think they’re for me specifically, but I’ve tried it once. My roommate does it a lot though, and she can really pull it off.” – Alyson Boatright, advertising junior

Some people can rock certain hairstyles, while others stick with playing it safe. But, you’ll never know unless you try, right? Next time you’re feeling spontaneous or just looking for a change, try out these styles!