Gator Glam: A Breakdown of Rihanna’s Style

Rihanna, the Barbados-native trendsetter and singer everyone knows and loves, really has us on the edge of our seats whenever new candids of her emerge on the internet. Whether she’s about to enter a nightclub or about to eat some dinner, she serves us amazing looks that we all want to copy—it’s okay, admitting it is the first step. Rihanna’s outfits always look relaxed and effortless, yet elegant and adventurous. We don’t know what happens when she’s choosing her outfit behind closed closet doors, but what we can feel is an “I don’t care how I look, but I will slay your life anyways” aesthetic. Iconic.

Let’s analyze the looks, shall we?

Look #1:

Black on black on black. This look gives serious Catwoman vibes. Here she sports a monochromatic outfit, very characteristic of her style. Notice how her ever-changing hair goes with the outfit. RiRi is never afraid to show skin, as we can see in this look. She loves it when her skin peeks through the most random places, as shown here where she uses thigh-high boots with a short romper. Love.

Look #2:

This look is more effortless than her usual style. The overalls paired with a long-sleeve T-shirt looks casual and comfy, and I love how she matched her lip color with her shirt. RiRi’s outfits are all about color schemes and pairing the right colors to bring out the smallest details of her outfits.


Moment of silence because this outfit slays all of us. She looks like she just woke up in a French palace and went outside for macarons, but actually showed up for a red carpet; only she can do that. Also, notice it’s a monochromatic outfit, yet again. RiRi’s favorite shoes are evidently pumps, which look great for every occasion and with anything (even RiRi’s corset and silky robe).

Look #4:

Silk dress: check. Converse: check. Jean jacket: check. Rihanna was one of the pioneers of the silky slip dress trend, which basically revolutionized (and is still revolutionizing) this year’s popular style. RiRi has the ultimate talent to pull off this trend and pair it with black Converse and a blue jean jacket, which are basically opposites due to the elegant texture of the pink silk and the industrial looks that Converse and jeans have. The jean jacket and the converse really add balance the gorgeous outfit.

Look #5:

Here, we can see Rihanna looking like a queen. (Nothing new.) Again, we can see the monochromatic outfit with pink everything; purse, pumps and dress. Her accessories are also a huge part of her outfits. The pearls, silver necklaces and bracelets in this one add polish to her look and really create a princess-y vibe. Not to mention, her gorgeous pink dress with pompous sleeves really label her as a risk-taker, because, c’mon, not a lot of people would wear such a dress.

Look #6:

Silk dress, again, but this time she’s wearing a hat and pairing it with a fur coat and pumps. Only she can do this and still look like a goddess. *sigh*

Look #7:

Apart from her usually sexy outfits, she sported this big and bulky dress with green floral patterns and still had us swooning over it. To complement her green floral dress and complete the look, she put on a Versace choker and white slip-ons to ensure a carefree and comfortable-looking outfit. I am also digging her use of the backpack-as-a-purse and its color, making the color scheme not as monochromatic as usual.

Look #8:

The details of this outfit are insane. Notice how the shirt is long enough to be seen falling under her jean skirt. While one usually may avoid this from happening, RiRi embraces this. She uses her over-sized shirt in her favor and the outcome is awe-inspiring indeed. And on top of that, her blue jean skirt is paired with electric blue velvet boots, and yet, the colors don’t clash. Amazing.

Lesson learned: RiRi can and will pull off anything, and will set trends that the Kardashians and social media users will want to copycat. No shame in doing so! So open that closet and be as adventurous as #Badgal RiRi.

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