Gator Glam: 6 Different Ways To Wear A T-Shirt

Many people seem to underestimate the power of a great, simple T-shirt. There is an infinite amount of ways to wear this classic piece. My personal favorite is the V-neck shirt because I feel that it adds a feminine touch and flatters every figure. No matter what your style is or what mood you’re in that day, there’s a T-shirt for every look. Here are just six easy ways you can rock a T-shirt.

1. Pair with a jacket.
You can add a blazer and wear it with jeans and cute flats for the ultimate preppy look, or go for a more edgy look by adding a leather jacket and a pair of booties.

2. Add a statement necklace.
This trick is great to add that perfect something for whatever look you’re aiming for. Add a pop of color for a cute spring outfit, or a chunky, sparkly necklace to add some edge. Long, layered necklaces with a V-neck can create a relaxed, bohemian look.

3. Wear with jeans or a skirt.
My favorite thing to wear to class is a pair of light-wash, ripped jeans with a T-shirt for a casual and comfy look, while still looking like I tried a little bit more than just wearing workout clothes. But for the times I feel like dressing up a little more I can add a skirt instead. I tend to gravitate toward a trendy maxi skirt to create a more girly feel.

4. Style with a scarf.
By wearing simple colors, like all black, and then adding a pop of color with a scarf, you can really liven up your look and take your clothes through every season. Wear all white and add a bright orange scarf for the perfect summer look, or you can go for all grey with a light blue scarf for the coziest of winter looks. I love this trick because it allows me to utilize all of my clothing items no matter what time of the year it is.

5. Go for a loose tee.
I seem to always find myself with my mom’s old, oversized T-shirts that might be a little faded, but instead of throwing them away, I make the shirts my own. By tying a little knot to the side at the bottom of the shirt, I create a very laid-back look that is comfortable while also trendy. This trick is great for those days that I may not feel my best because it’s loose enough to not feel restraining and tight, while still form-fitting enough to not drown me out.

6. Transform it from day to night.
Combining all of these tips make plain T-shirts the perfect piece for those days you have to change quickly from a casual day look to a fashionable night outfit.  Wear your plain tee with your favorite pair of jeans and Converse for a flexible, comfortable school day outfit, and then switch your jeans for a high-waisted mini skirt, your converse for a cute pair of heels and add a chunky statement necklace for a chic nighttime look.

T-shirts are simple but limitless in their endless ways to wear for any style imaginable. This makes T-shirts a great investment as they’re inexpensive and never go out of style. So next time you see some T-shirts on sale, don’t hesitate to buy every color in the store.

Photo Credits: Maxine Grossman