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Gator Glam: 5 Celebs with the Best Pregnancy Style

If I’m being completely honest, there have been a few times in my life when I was jealous of pregnant women. The idea of pregnancy still freaks me out, and the older I get, the less curious I become. But when I see stars like Blake Lively look flawless and “glowing” while sporting a perfect baby bump, I can’t help but swoon. Here are five of my favorite current and former mommies-to-be who look better on the red carpet than those models standing next to them:

1. Blake LivelyAs if her and Ryan Reynolds aren’t already perfect enough, our favorite Gossip Girl alumna rocks beautiful evening gowns on the red carpet and dawns vintage-inspired outfits from her lifestyle website, “Preserve.” The photo of Lively sporting a floral printed top and skirt while holding her tummy was probably the cutest pregnancy announcement to ever exist.

2. Kate MiddletonMiddleton is already a global fashion icon, and I wouldn’t expect anything but royalty for her maternity wardrobe. Whether she’s in an elegant Alexander McQueen coatdress or going for a casual stroll in a Topshop polka-dot dress, the Duchess of Cambridge can pull off just about any look.

3. Olivia WildeWilde is one of those celebs who we all either wish we could be, could have as a best friend or just have a serious girl crush on. (Are all three acceptable?) She can rock the chic look wherever she goes like a casual gray top with leggings on the way to the gym or a fitted LBD paired with a leather jacket.

4. Kerry WashingtonThis Scandal star never looks scandalous in her maternity outfits, and she is the go-to celeb for the more adorable, classic girly style. You can see her rocking fun looks like a floral printed silk dress or the more business-professional white peplum top and skirt pair at fashion shows.

5. Kourtney KardashianAlthough this Kardashian sister has a tiny little build of just 5’, she manages to handle pregnancy with gorgeous grace. Because she’s expecting her third child, she’s no newbie when it comes to various red carpet maternity looks, such as a loose python print dress or a knee-length red Pinkyotto dress. But you can also see her relaxing beachside in sexy bikinis.

Many of us look to our favorite celebrities for style advice, but there’s nothing more impressive than a woman who rocks any type of style with a baby bump.

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