Gator Glam: 5 Brands that Give Back

Thanksgiving is next week, and we have a lot to be thankful for, such as online shopping, clothing and accessories, holiday gifts… You catch my drift. Although we all love spending a little on ourselves or our loved ones during the holiday season, there’s also a big push to give back and be extra generous during this time of year. Things like food and toy drives are of usual nature, but there are other ways to help out that are as easy as buying from your favorite brands! Here are five companies that give back and help the community every time you purchase one of their products.

1. TOMS: By far the brand most well known for its philanthropic nature, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need each time you buy a pair for yourself. TOMS are not only popular because of their noble mission, but they are also stylish and easy to wear shoes that come in tons of different styles and colors. Don’t waste your money buying a knockoff version of these — spend a little more on the name brand, and give back without even trying!

2. American Apparel: AA is a super popular brand and is mostly known for being trendy and on the pricy side. But what some don’t know is that the reason AA costs more than similar brands is because it's an American-based company dedicated to workers’ rights and sweatshop-free environments. I’ve actually been to the warehouse in L.A., but if you can’t get a chance to see it yourself, find its different parts online.

3. Michael Kors: We all love Michael Kors, whether it’s his latest purse collection or the ever-popular watches. But what’s not as well known is that MK partners with World Food Program, and for every watch purchased, 100 meals are donated! You can learn all about the effort with “Watch Hunger Stop” on the website tab labeled “Kors Cares.”

4. MAC Cosmetics: MAC is also a popular brand that may surprise you. Yes, we all love our MAC makeup. I personally think it’s a great Christmas gift, so you can feel easy knowing you paid more for quality and kindness. MAC launched a program in 1994 to help with AIDS and has already raised $270 million. Next time you decide to buy a product from Rihanna’s “VIVA GLAM” line, know that every cent goes to helping those in need.

5. FEED: I must admit I’m not as familiar with the FEED brand as I am with the previous four, but there’s no doubt this line is successful. FEED was created by Lauren Bush Lauren and carries various styles of bags. Each time you buy one, a meal is donated to the hungry. The website shows that more than 85 million meals have been provided!

Next time you’re creating your perfect wish list or if wondering what to get your loved ones this upcoming holiday season, take a second look at some of these brands. There’s nothing like shopping and doing good at the same time!