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The Game of Thrones Character You Would Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We have all watched Game of Thrones and wondered between intense scenes of death and sex, which character we most emulate? Which ones do we most relate to? We enjoy comparing the journeys and personalities of our favorite ones to those of ourselves and our friends. After all, without the comparison of the characters’ lives to ours, what would be the point in watching any show at all? A look into the personality traits of your Zodiac Sign will give you a basis of comparison to find out which Game of Thrones character you would be in the series. Are you who you thought you were?

*warning* *contains spoilers*

Aquarius – Arya Stark

As an Aquarius, you are an independent soul. You long for your own adventures and experiences. This is why you are Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark. Arya finds herself on many different journeys throughout the series and rarely expresses a desire to return home. She takes care of herself and has no trouble fending off her enemies despite her youth. The young hero is confident in herself and allows this confidence to grow with her multitude of experiences. Like Arya, you do not run in the face of fear but walk straight toward it. You are willing to stand up and fight for what and who you believe in and are not afraid to risk a necessary sacrifice as Arya does when she kills the Night King. As an Aquarius, you are original and unique, and you admire these traits in yourself.

Pisces – Brandon Stark

As a Pisces, you are a wise and forward-thinking person. You are selfless and know that there is more to your journey than whatever you are feeling at any single moment. Because of these personality traits, you would be Brandon Stark. Like Bran, you are quiet but have many thoughts swarming under your calm surface. Bran’s wisdom becomes evident as he becomes the Three-Eyed Raven and because of this, everyone looks to him for advice. His opinion is valued. He is one of the gentlest souls on the show, never having committed murder.  He enjoys being left alone to his visions and uses his intuition to survive. As a Pisces, you, too, are as compassionate and gentle as he is. Your artistic visions are like his real ones of the past and future. Your friends look up to you and respect you, as Bran is when he is made King of Westeros at the end of the series.

Aries – Daenerys Targaryen

As an Aries, you exhibit the strength of a warrior. Like Daenerys Targaryen, your passion is unmatched. You are similar to her because you will love with all of your heart, but when it is broken, you will throw all you have into aggression and rage. Your courage and determination are what motivate you to achieve your goals. You can take on a multitude of challenges at once like Daenerys does when rooting out traitors within her inner circle, while simultaneously waging wars against those who have wronged her and her family. Her emotions are unpredictable, but her heart is strong, honest and true. Daenerys uses her head to make decisions, as an Aries does. Her dynamic personality and energy are what draws us to be inspired by her, in the same way, the people around you are inspired by those same traits in your character. Dany is resilient even in the face of the despair of losing the ones she loves. Like her, you often act before you think about the consequences. You will burn the world down without a second thought if it achieves what you want. You, a fire sign, are a Dragon.

Taurus – Brienne of Tarth

As a Taurus you are honorable. You say what you mean, and you mean what you say. Brienne of Tarth stays true to the oaths she makes throughout the series. She values truth and honesty in others and has a positive influence on those around her. Lady Brienne is devoted to the people she loves and develops attachment easily as a Taurus does. She enjoys being attached to people, like Renly Baratheon, Catelyn and Sansa Stark, and will help others stay on the right course as she stubbornly stays on her own. Brienne is not afraid for standing up for what she believes in while remaining unwaveringly focused on her duties. Her practical and realistic perspective allows her to achieve the personal satisfaction that a Taurus focuses on. As the characters in Game of Thrones rely on Brienne, the people around you rely on you because you are dependable. You expect others to tell the truth and keep their word as you always strive to do for others.

Gemini – Sansa Stark

As a Gemini, you allow your experiences to be a catalyst for your growth. Like Sansa Stark, you allow yourself to be continuously molded into a more powerful version of yourself each day. Because she is so used to change, Sansa can quickly adapt to the devastating situations she finds herself in so she can survive. She is smart, sociable and knows how to keep others interested in her so she can get her way. All of her experiences make her inspiring just as you influence those around you through the adventures you take and the new experiences you gather as a Gemini.

Cancer – Circe Lannister

As a Cancer, you have high emotional intelligence. You either use this to help others or to manipulate others to your advantage, as Circe Lannister. Your intuition hardly ever leads you astray. You thrive because you understand the motivations of others and can often predict what someone is going to do before they do it. Like Circe, you feel a strong loyalty to your friends and family and have a difficult time overcoming the knife of betrayal from those who have turned their backs on you. You will stop at nothing to care for those you love the most. Cancers are passionate, ambitious and resilient and enjoy being leaders, just as Circe does. Your resilience helps you to push past the deep emotions you feel to become even stronger every time you are hurt.

Leo – Petyr Baelish 

As a Leo, you are a natural leader and dominate your area of expertise. Just like Petyr Baelish, you are always able to get yourself out of sticky situations and are the master schemer. Petyr is witty and cunning and is respected for it. He is a self-made man who takes pride in his independence. From the events in his brothel to his escape from King’s Landing, his creative and dramatic personality traits make for entertaining drama on the show, just as your creative and dramatic traits as a Leo make for an interesting life. Lord Baelish can achieve whatever he wants due to his resourcefulness. His dominant and charming character makes him as hard to resist as a Leo. He is generous in helping the people he wants to, and his humor balances out the tragic drama in the show. His cheerful personality also makes him someone who other characters easily get along with and someone to comfort you, as a viewer. As a Leo, you have no problem getting things done for yourself and thriving in tricky environments.

Virgo – Samwell Tarly

As a Virgo, you value loyalty and friendship above all else. Sam Tarly will do anything to help his friend Jon Snow, Gilly and her baby, Little Sam. He believes in the good of others, though it is hard for him to see the good qualities in himself. Because of this, he possesses the Virgo traits of being overly critical toward himself and struggling with shyness. However, there is nothing Sam puts his mind to that he cannot achieve. This illustrates his Virgo trait of being hard-working. He is kind-hearted, as he is continuously willing to sacrifice himself for Gilly. His down-to-earth personality is what causes you, as an audience member, to relate to him. You, too, have a grounded personality that coincides with your Earth Sign that draws your friends in. You, like Sam, are a kind, loyal and forever trustworthy friend.

Libra – Jon Snow

As a Libra, you strive to bring balance to your world at all costs. Like Jon Snow, you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for the harmony of the greater good. You value communal success. Your sense of justice is strong, and you believe, as Jon does, that everyone deserves a fair trial in life. You thrive being around people and form close relationships with those you love, as John does with Egret, Sam, his brothers and sisters and even Daenerys. You also share the idealistic tendencies that Jon Snow exhibits throughout the series and aims to please. Though you cleverly find ways to advance yourself and help everyone get along, you can be indecisive and struggle with difficult decisions, as Jon does before he ultimately kills Dany. Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Yet, as a Libra, people tend to look to you when they need a strong leader.

Scorpio – Theon Greyjoy

As a Scorpio, you are authentic, stubborn and assertive and, at times, intimidating to others because of this. Beneath Theon Greyjoy’s strong and self-serving exterior, we were able to find a fiercely loyal and loving soul. He helps Sansa face Ramsay, Yara face Euron and fights to the death for Bran in the Battle of Winterfell. He, like other Scorpios, is resourceful and passionate and values longtime friends and family above all else. To some he is a dear friend; to others, he is the worst enemy. Like Theon, you as a Scorpio can be intimidating to people who don’t know you and one of the most loyal friends to those who do.

Sagittarius – Jamie Lannister

As a Sagittarius, you are optimistic and always try and do the right thing despite the challenges of reality. The King Slayer is idealistic throughout the series, as Sagittarius is. His original deed of slaying the King is based on the hope for a better future away from the “Mad King.” Jamie has hope for the best in Circe to overpower her evil tendencies and dreams that the two of them will escape King’s Landing together in the last season — even when he knows that these things can never be. His sense of humor keeps him going and us laughing as an audience. He grows to have an open mind and support people who he never thought he would. As a Sagittarius, you are curious and love the new experiences each day bring that help mold you into a better person than the day before. You willingly accept change in yourself, just as Jamie does.

Capricorn – Tyrion Lannister

As a Capricorn, your responsibility and self-discipline help keep you, your friends and your family civilized. Tyrion Lannister’s value for family tradition reflects your values. Like Tyrion, your family has shaped your life into something you would never have chosen, yet your wit and passion for doing the right thing help you cope with and preserve your way of living. You can achieve progress in your personal and professional life because you are willing to learn from your mistakes. You reflect seriously upon yourself often, just as Tyrion does. Your serious attitude helps you manage and fulfill your goals, like how Tyrion continuously makes a life for himself through advising and managing powerful rulers. You are trusted by your friends and your enemies because they know what to expect from you.

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Thea Miller is a junior at the University of Florida majoring in English with a creative writing focus. This is her second semester as a Features Writer. She has a background in dance and theatre, and now loves using writing as her main creative outlet. Previously having tried her hand in writing short stories, novels, lyric poetry, and screenplays for her own personal enjoyment, she is excited to be a part of this supportive and empowering platform that is Her Campus UFL where she can share her words with the world. Traveling is her favorite form of recreation and the most enthralling place she has gone thus far is Stockholm, Sweden. After college, she plans on attending graduate school to further develop her craft of screenwriting.
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