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Galentine’s on a Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

For those of us who are celebrating Galentine’s this year but are still reeling from the holiday season expenses, here are some tips to make sure your Galentine’s Day is filled with relaxation. Keep in mind that Galentine’s Day may officially be on February 13, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some of these DIY activities that can lessen your stress-load this semester. 

Paint wine glasses

This one is extremely sweet when combined with the cake-cutting TikTok trend. In order to be more cost-efficient, opt for wine glasses from your local Dollar Tree. Some stores carry paint and brushes that will work for this project, but if not, check your local Michaels and split a pack of paint and brushes amongst your friends. A Michaels paint kit retails for $10.99. Afterward, you can head to any local supermarket—here in Gainesville, I definitely recommend Whole Foods—for a cute Valentine’s Day-inspired cake (usually $20, but if split with friends, it will be cheaper).

Facials and a movie

Now when we think of facials, we automatically think of the large expenses associated with spas and salons. However, there are many ways to do budget-friendly facials at home. One of my personal favorites involves using a sheet mask after cleansing my face. Instead of using very drying masks, I recommend you and your friends try out some new sheet masks. Your local Target should have several sheet masks, from long-term-helping to cute and Valentine’s Day-themed.

A great way to sit and wait for your sheet mask to work its magic is to watch one of your favorite romantic films.

For those of you who have Netflix, feel free to check out these recommendations:

1. Romance is a Bonus Book: An amazing K-Drama TV series, where a woman secretly lies about her divorce in order to relaunch her career.

2. A Walk to Remember: A cult classic Nicholas Sparks movie. It will definitely make you shed a tear.

3. Remember Me: Robert Pattinson plays one of the protagonists, and I think that’s reason enough for anyone to watch this film. (Plus, it has a crazy plot twist.)

Craft-Making: Valentine’s Day cards & plant and jewelry holders

This is a great way to work on V-Day cards with your friends. You can explore and expand your creative mind through this DIY project. All you’ll need are glitter, tape, construction paper, glue, markers and stickers to make your cards stand out. These supplies can be found at your local Walmart or Dollar Tree to keep it under budget.

Look for unpainted plant holders and vases for you and your friends to decorate and paint at your local Michaels. This activity would go best with the wine-glass painting project as you’ll already have enough paint to make either your own plant or jewelry holder. If you’re up for it, there are also 99 cent birdhouses found at Michaels that you can paint.

Don’t let your budget cost you your fun

The most important aspect of Galentine’s Day is to take a day to appreciate your friendships and yourself. Don’t worry about your budget and find cost-efficient ways to spend your time with the people you love most. In the future, you won’t reflect on what you did on Galentine’s Day but on the moments you spent with your best friends.