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Freshmen 411: Dorm Decorations

When you’re transitioning from living at home to living in a college dorm, things can get really overwhelming — especially when your new bedroom is tiny, dingy and cramped. Although your new room at UF might not seem luxurious at first, there are plenty of things you can do to liven up your new pad.

The focal point of your dorm room will be your bed, as it will take up most of the space. You probably have already picked out adorable bedding that will set the tone for the rest of the room.

If you’re raising your bed, consider making a bed skirt to hide all the things you will be storing underneath. Take a cheap fabric shower curtain and hem it to the length from your mattress to the floor. Then put a rod under your mattress and hang the hemmed curtain on it using cute curtain hooks. This will allow you to move the curtains easily whenever you need to get something out, and it will make your room look more put-together.

Headboards will add to the general aesthetic and are inexpensive to make. Simply cut foam board to match the width of your twin bed and affix fabric to the foam board on three of the four sides. If you choose, you can put batting in the open side before sealing it to make the headboard look even better. You can either use a patterned fabric that stands alone or use a plain colored fabric and have the center monogrammed.

Monogramming is not only cute but also functional as it helps you distinguish your possessions from your new roommate’s. You can monogram your pillows, your tumblers and even your chair covers!

Although your personal touch will be what truly makes your dorm room comfortable, consider these tips while decorating. Have fun with it!

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