Four Ways to Spice Up Your Sax Life

Alright, friends. I think it’s time we talk about how the local music scene is lacking, simple jazz beats just aren’t cutting it and woodwinds haven’t been our favorite instrument family for awhile now. You forget what you’ve been missing out on and what you currently think is the hottest song for the bedroom is definitely not up to parr, so it’s time to revamp and readjust. In the mood for a change? Here are four ways I have curated for you to spice up your sax life.

1. Listen to some saxy beats

If you have ever felt like you needed to unwind, whether by yourself or with some company, the internet will not fail you… in many different ways. Some of the best guilty pleasures come with advertisements, accompaniments, or maybe a virus to your computer. In a variety flavors, here are those saxual playlists you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear.

Indie Rock:




2. Get inspired by some saxophonists

Kenny G, the soothsayer of smooth playing, is number one on my list of sax life influencers. His hands are for one thing only, which is the mentality you should probably have in any single aspect of your life. Spotlight saxtress: Pamela Williams, who has been on the jazz scene since the nineties. This fine lady creates art with her music, painting and songwriting. Check her out here.

3. Eat, breathe, sleep: smooth

Some things in life are better done than said. Since the best jazz just lets you sit back and relax with no lyrics, bundle up in your softest blanket for the smooth sailing ahead. Pepper words like “glide,” “slide” and “Bill Clinton” into your daily vocabulary to get you in the right mindset for the perfect saxophone song session. Ditch the crunchy peanut butter and exfoliate twice a day because the smoother your choices, the more in touch you will be with your sax life.

4. Support jazz!

In all seriousness, jazz and blues music in general are two genres that are seeing less and less younger audiences. Give it a try; there’s bound to be something going on in your college town that offers different music choices. University of Florida students: the North Central Florida Blues Society is featuring several artists in February and March at First Magnitude Brewery, The High Dive and The Dirty Bar!

Put on some black shades and chill out with some smooth tunes; your sax life is begging you.

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