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Let me just preface this article with the fact that I have only recently turned back to Forever 21 after many years of emotional scarring from the messy storefronts and overwhelming website. Forever 21 found its way back into my heart after I found an affordable pair of boyfriend jeans in one of its stores after a tireless search. Because of these jeans, my faith was restored in Forever 21 after swearing off the store so many years ago.

As if my new, cherished pair of jeans weren’t enough to fall head over heels for Forever 21’s enticing prices and trendy pieces, it was announced last month that Forever 21 would start carrying Levi’s online and in-store. I actually caught word of it from an email that wound up in my inbox.

On February 22, Forever 21 posted on their Instagram an announcement that they were, in fact, carrying Levi’s premium denim pieces online and in-store. The collection includes mostly denim pieces (obviously) ranging from pants, tops and jackets. The collection is for both men and women, so there are items for everyone to love on.

The only drawback I can see is the price. Forever 21 shoppers like myself are drawn to the store for its prices and they typically range from very low (hello, $5 shoes) to about $40. Within this collection, the prices fall between $50 to $70 with a couple of items being at the lower end and falling into higher price categories we are used to seeing from Forever 21. I understand the price points because you are paying for what you are getting. Levi’s offers high-quality jeans, so it makes sense that their prices are set that way.

If you get overwhelmed on Forever 21’s website like I do, I’ve selected three pieces from the collection that I have deemed must-haves. The first, which is essential to any closet, is the Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket. I recommend bumping up a size for a relaxed fit. Next, I think the Ankle Jeans are the best style of jeans from this collection –– they are cute and easy to transition from casual to a more dressy look. Last, but certainly not least, is Levi’s Original Shorts. These are a must have for summer and can be easily worked into your wardrobe during the spring. Opt for a comfy sweater during the breezy days, and switch into a cute crop top during the hot summer months.

All in all, I’m stoked about this collection because now I don’t have to navigate the ends of the earth to find a decent pair of jeans. I’m excited to see what other brands Forever 21 will offer in the future.

Hi I'm Bailey! I'm a Jesus loving, coffee drinking 20 something year old college student. I love the Florida Gators, the color navy, and carbs. Follow along while I try to balance school and my love of fashion!
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