A Florida Girl’s Reaction to Winter, as Told by Justin Bieber

On Christmas Day, it was 85 degrees in Florida, and all through winter break we only had a low of around 60 degrees. Floridians thought we were getting off easy. But then winter finally hit us at the beginning of the spring semester, leaving most of us just plain confused. And cold. Let’s take a look at our cycle of emotions from this weird weather, as told by none other than Justin Bieber.

Daily beach trips during winter break had me like:

I was confident that during syllabus week, I'd be rocking shorts.

Then I went to the first day of class and it was 40 degrees outside.

That's when it hit me... I realized winter had actually come.

Why? Why? Why?

How do I make jeans and a sweater look attractive?

So does this mean no one will be dressed like this? Ugh. #ThanksWinter

I had no idea what to wear, so I just messed around instead of finding things to actually wear.

So I actually own four pairs of pants because this is the state of Florida. How many times is it acceptable to re-wear pants?

Well, I’m not sweating and it’s not too terrible, I guess. At least it’s not some weird, cold northern place where it actually snows.

I realized I could deal with winter, just for a little while. #AcceptedIt

Stay warm this winter, ladies!