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Finding Your Perfect Study Spot

Throughout my time spent in high school, I had three different study spots in my house: the kitchen, my desk and the living room. However, starting college meant finding new study habits in order to achieve the highest possible academic success.

With countless outdoor attractions, coffee shops and libraries, I was overwhelmed with finding my new perfect spot.

I’ve always been a firm believer that the environment that surrounds me can have a large impact on my ability to study properly. Furthermore, I believe certain environments can help put me in a better mood and make me feel more inclined to focus. 

I still remember the feeling I had the first time I ever walked into Marston Science Library; I was overwhelmed by the various clusters of people sitting in different study spots.

However, in due time, Marston became a place I attended regularly. In my opinion, people succeed in different study environments based on their study habits and personality.

Here are some of the underrated spots around campus that are my personal favorite places:

Reitz Union Steps 

I discovered this spot during my second semester of my freshman year, when I had an hour break in between two classes.

I often felt stressed on days when I had these two, and I knew I didn’t have enough time to go to my dorm.

Therefore, I knew I wanted a soothing study spot outside that would help me relieve stress while still being productive.

These steps are located behind the Reitz Union and are covered in grass. Every Thursday, one of my friends and I would venture out to the steps to study, and we enjoyed the view of the beautiful lake. 

Coffee Culture

Throughout my life, I tended to study at home or in a library. However, given that I am a coffee enthusiast, I decided to try out studying in a coffee shop at the beginning of this year.

Coffee Culture has become one of my personal favorites, even though it is located slightly off campus.

Sometimes, I need a break from campus life, and the tables at Coffee Culture give me enough space to spread my work out. Additionally, there is a wide variety of coffee flavors to choose from–my personal favorite is peanut butter banana.

Marston Science Library Fourth Floor Table

While there are many areas to choose from in Marston Science Library, this spot is my go-to.

I personally like the fourth floor because it is one of the quiet floors, and I enjoy utilizing the tables to spread all of my study materials out.

Moreover, sitting at a table allows me to study with my friends. I have also found studying in a setting where other students are also doing work can be conducive to increased productivity.

Overall, there are so many different study spots to choose from all over campus. If you know your study habits and your personality, you will be able to find the perfect study spot for you!


Jolie Freedman is a Sophomore at the University of Florida and is from Melville, New York. Jolie is working towards achieving a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with an outside concentration in marketing. Jolie has a passion for storytelling and digital media, and she places a heavy emphasis on the importance of social media. Jolie is also a campus trendsetter for Her Campus Media and an ambassador for the College of Journalism and Communications. Aside from her journalistic involvement, Jolie enjoys skiing and art. Jolie's inspiration to join the Her Campus community stems from her involvement as the Print Manager and Staff Writer/Editor for her high school's newspaper.
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