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This Fall’s Colors: They Aren’t What You Think

Every fall we put away our whites and brights and bring out the browns, eggplants and grays. It’s like law – in fall, you’re supposed to wear boring, typical colors.

Itching for something out of the ordinary? Well, things for this season have most definitely changed for the better. This fall, Pantone Fashion and Home has released a color report that comes as a surprise to us all — autumn is all about the magic of color.

Featuring bright jewel tones like Ultramarine Green and Olympian Blue, Pantone changes up the fall palette. By pairing these with neutrals like French Roast, Titanium or Rose Smoke, you can create a fall look that is classic with a twist. Pantone also suggests neons like Bright Chartreuse, Pink Flambé and Tangerine Tango. These colors will add a pop to any autumn outfit and keep you from feeling dull and drab. Not one for neon? Pantone also includes more subdued tones, like Honey Gold and Rhapsody.

What I like most about this color palette is that there is a color for every mood or situation. Feeling mellow and serene? Rhapsody is the color for your day. In the mood to stand out among the crowd? Dress up in Pink Flambé or Tangerine Tango. Or even better, wear both! It’ll give your outfit a more retro vibe. Want to jazz up your old gray suit? Keep professional but colorful in a Rose Smoke blouse, or even a Bright Chartreuse necklace. With a palette this diverse, you’ll always be on trend!

By mixing the neutral tones with ones that stand out, you can create a fresh fall look fit for any occasion. You can kiss your old dreary autumn wardrobe good-bye! This fall, it’s all about keeping it fun, mixing timeless neutrals with bright hues and keeping your closet vibrant and interesting.

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