Fall to Winter: 4 Beauty Essentials That Won’t Let You Down

Fashion and beauty trends undoubtedly go hand in hand because they both change throughout the year depending on the seasons. Similar to the popular fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, there are beauty trends like bright nail polish and pink blush that are associated with particular seasons. However, it’s okay to break the rules sometimes and carry over a few beauty items from one season to the next. As the temperatures continue to plunge this fall and we head into the winter months, you can count on these four essentials to figuratively bring back a little bit of that summer warmth you’ve been craving:

1. Deep red lipstick 
Rather than choosing the typical in-your-face hues of red, try taking the road less traveled this by opting for darker shades of red. Though some of you may be too intimidated to try this bold option, don’t be! Red lipstick can be considered a great accessory that puts the finishing touches on an outfit by adding that extra “oomph” it may have needed. Taking the plunge and wearing it to class one day will be a total confidence booster, and it’ll definitely catch the eye of the cutie you’ve been drooling over all semester in your English class. If you don’t mind breaking the bank a little for this chic beauty essential, try NARS pure matte lipstick in the Amsterdam shade. If you’re on a budget, get Wet 'n' Wild lipstick in the cherry bomb shade from Walgreens is a perfectly suitable replacement.

2. Earthy eye shadow 
Don’t be afraid to experiment with eye shadow and deviate from your usual smokey eye. Mirror the changing of the leaves with your eye makeup by choosing brown and gold shadows. These are less harsh than the black or gray shadows that some gals wear, and they bring warmth to your face. Earthy eye shadows can highlight your eyes without making it look like you’re wearing too much makeup because they appear more natural than, say, a purple shadow. Start an early holiday wish list with the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette. For those frugal collegiettes™ out there, try a CoverGirl eye shadow kit that is affordable and available at stores like Walmart and CVS.

3. Dark nail polish 
While summer is all about nail polish in bright colors, such as orange, the fall and winter seasons provide the perfect opportunity to start rocking those deeper shades, such as oxblood red, midnight blue, cosmic purple, and charcoal gray. They’ll give you that polished (pun totally intended) appearance that finishes off your look without taking away from the rest of your outfit. If you’re looking for long-lasting quality, then go for an Essie polish ( I like the dark gray one). Would you rather not spend the equivalent of a Chipotle burrito bowl on a mere 0.5 ounces of nail polish? Have no fear because, as with all other beauty products, there is always a cheaper option. Check out this deep blue Maybelline polish that is sold at Walgreens for half the price of Essie products.

4. Warm bronzer 
Colder weather will undoubtedly head our way in the coming month, and that means one depressing thing for all of us Gators girls: We will no longer be able to tan outside in the middle of the day like we could in August and September. Since our inner bronze goddess has left the building, we must now try to combat our paleness with bronzer, a definite beauty necessity for both fall and winter. Bronzer with added blush isn’t necessary for these seasons since the cooler temperatures naturally add a touch of rosiness to our cheeks. Bronzer can add a degree of warmth to your face, but make sure that you don’t overdo it to the point of making your face a noticeably different color than the rest of you. If you’re a makeup fanatic willing to splurge a bit, then try Sephora bronzer. But if you’d rather take the cheaper route, check out this CoverGirl bronzer available for $3.74 at Walmart. What a steal!

Stay beautiful!


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