Fall Nail Polish Trends Based on Your Mood

To quote Serena Williams, “No one likes getting their nails done more than I do.” If you’re like me, there are very few instances when you keep your nails polish-free. For us ladies, having our nails done isn't just something we do superficially to kill time. It’s a form of  expression. Not only do manicured hands and toes make us feel polished and put together, but they also serve as a vehicle for us to express our mood. Fall 2015 nail polish trends are no exception to this. Whether you’re feeling like you’re about to take on the world, or you’ve got those mid-semester homesick blues, there's a nail polish color for just about any mood you might be feeling this fall!

1. Zoya — Leah

Mood: Relaxed
This muted shade is perfect for ladies who are feeling extra relaxed during the week. Whether it's because you’re done with exams or you’re just generally in a calm state of mind, this nail color is perfect for when all you want to do is cuddle up on your couch with some tea and a good book.

2. Dior — Metropolis

Mood: Rebellious
This army-green color is a must-have for the fall and fitting for when you’re feeling tough and rebellious. This shade not only makes a statement but also exudes sophistication. Wear this polish when you feel like you can’t be tamed and want to march to the beat of your own drum.

3. Revlon — Untamed

Mood: Confident
Untamed is the ultimate shade this season, making the unique colors of this polish perfect for when you’re feeling confident. Not only is this color bold and commanding, but it also has a combination of glitter that allows the polish to capture the picturesque colors of the fall season. You’ll be sure to make a statement wearing this shade, which is ideal for when you’re feeling that extra surge of confidence!

4. Essie — Bell-Bottom Blues

Mood: Down
This blue Essie tone might be the most spot-on when it comes to expressing your mood. This polish is great for when you’re feeling down in that it's not your typical shade of blue. The metallic shimmer within the color allows you stay “blue” while also adding an exciting twist to the classic color.

5. Julep — Drew

Mood: Chipper
Aside from nudes and creams, reddish pink is one of the most versatile nail polish colors any collegiette can own. This is the only bold color that is widely used no matter what season we’re in. Due to the bright and bold nature of this polish, you should wear this color when you’re feeling happy. The bright color will keep your energy high while also giving you a killer mani.

6. Habit Cosmetics — Voodoo

Mood: Determined
By far one of the coolest and most unique colors on this list, Voodoo is perfect for ladies who are feeling extra determined during the week. This polish is deep, shimmery, and dark — basically everything we are when we’ve got our sights set on accomplishing something. Wear this shade and it will be sure to add fuel to your fire!

7. Sally Hansen — Gunmetal

Mood: Stressed
Muted, dusty colors like Gunmetal are perfect for when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The subtlety of the gray will provide you with some much-needed comfort and stress relief while the blue tones and shimmer will inspire you to keep on going and kick things into high gear.

8. OPI — Linger Over Coffee

Mood: Refreshed
This shade is spot-on for over-caffeinated collegiettes during exam week. The coffee-like color of this polish will inspire you to stay awake, alert and refreshed. While the somewhat muted tones are pretty, the nude nature of the color won’t distract you while you try to get in all that last-minute studying.

9. China Glaze — Rare & Radiant

Mood: Devious
Definitely one of the more distinct colors on our list, Rare & Radiant is the perfect polish for when you’re feeling devious. This shade has two unlikely sides to it, with its gold tones perfectly coexisting with the darker hues, making this an unusual but ideal color for when you feel like wreaking some havoc.

10. Butter London — Kerfuffle

Mood: Light and airy
A personal favorite of mine, this nail polish is ideal for when you’re feeling carefree. I recommend wearing this polish on weeks when you’re feeling like nothing can bring down your positivity and you feel really at peace with your life. The great thing about this shade is that it’s versatile and can be used during just about any season or trend cycle. The lightness of the polish makes it perfect for those days when you want to be simple yet chic.

11. Ciaté — New England Fall

Mood: Geeky
Ciaté’s collaboration with Olivia Palermo created the perfect shade for those of us feeling more on the nerdy side this week. Whether you’ve got to buckle down and study for exams or you’re just really getting into your course assignments, this navy blue-purple hue is bound to inspire. Studies have shown that being exposed to shades of blue will actually increase a person’s ability to retain information, making this polish the perfect color for when you’re trying to hit the books!

12. Dolce & Gabbana — Amethyst

Mood: Flirty
The deep and dark hues in this shade of purple make this color the ultimate polish for when you’re feeling flirty and sultry. Amethyst is a happy medium between both light and dark, making it the perfect shade for when you want to be fun, flirty and carefree. This purple is definitely a must-have when it comes to fall nail polishes.

Nail polish is the ultimate fashion accessory in expressing your feelings throughout the week. Whether you have a signature polish or you love mixing it up, there’s definitely a seasonal-inspired nail polish for you on this list. Make sure to use this as your guide to 2015 fall nail polish trends, and most importantly to figure out what shade you should try next based on your mood!