Fall Fashion, Student Edition: How to Shop ASOS, Nasty Gal & More On the Cheap

If you’re anything like me, once in a blue moon, you walk up to your closet to find your outfit for the day, but you hate every piece of clothing you own. You comb through your clothes, silently hoping for new clothes to randomly appear. But ­­­– you guessed it – nothing appears. You scan through dozens of online shops to hopefully vamp up your wardrobe, but your cart total makes your wallet start to sweat. If this hypothetical situation hit too close to home, I have some good news for you.

Many retailers empathize with us broke college students, so they offer online student discounts that help us feed our constant need for new clothes. And with the start of Florida fall — you know, when it’s 65 degrees in the morning but 85 degrees by the time lunch rolls around — the urge to buy new seasonal clothes is at its peak. Here are some of the best ways to use online discounts so that you can afford all the fuzzy cardigans and boots you want this fall.


ASOS is the quintessential online retailer if you’re looking for a big haul of new clothes. They have dozens of brands and styles to make anyone’s new wardrobe dreams come true. Their sales section is always bursting with secret gems for any size. ASOS carries the same, or at the least very similar, clothes for tall, petite, plus-size and maternity.

Signing up is simple; You just fill out your name, email address, what year you are graduating and if you are more interested in menswear or womenswear. Keep in mind that typically the discount is 10 percent off, so this is a steal!

2. Nasty Gal

Born from the mind of a true frugal boss lady, this store is bound to have great discounts. Nasty Gal’s vintage-meets-edgy clothing is a beacon of hope for anyone’s dull and mundane closet — sequins, animal print and student discounts as far as the eye can see.

Much like ASOS, Nasty Gal’s student sign-up is incredibly easy. The UNiDAYS program is on the more generous side, offering college women 55 percent off their purchases until they graduate. After signing up, the website generates a specific code that you can copy and paste into the special code box upon purchasing.

Now that you have that discount code in your back pocket, your simple going-to-class look will turn into a mix-and-match of fall inspired patterns.

3. American Eagle

The UNiDAYS program also gets students 20 percent off American Eagle and its Aerie products. AE is one of those classic stores where you can get those perfectly worn-in, cozy long sleeves for chilly mornings or evenings, but you can also find trendy swimsuits for the summer months. One of the best parts of shopping online at American Eagle is the exclusive online-only clothes for anyone who has a rewards card. Plus, AE is notorious for always having flash sales on certain items, such as jeans.


Like ASOS, this British-turned-American store offers an array of different styles that could vamp up your closet if you’re in dire need of a good two-piece set or camo pants. Topshop’s 10 percent student discount is available online with the confirmation of a student ID and graduation date. Unlike most sites like Nasty Gal, Topshop offers clothes for both men and women, so anyone can use this discount! Not to mention, Topshop’s accessory section is off the chain, so my suggestion is to check it out first if you’re in need of updated jewelry.

Final thoughts and suggestions:

Student discounts are always worth the extra Google search to see if some of your favorite stores have discounts to help you with you new fall wardrobe. The UNiDAYS program (used by Nasty Gal and American Eagle) is its own website that offers even more discounts at different stores like PacSun, H&M and even designers like Calvin Klein. Some stores also offer student discounts in store if you flash your student ID. So, if you are in absolute splurge mode and find yourself at the mall, always take a second to make sure you have your student ID.

Here’s the thing: There are always going to be those days when you treat yourself and get new clothes. Before you hit “order” or swipe your card, always look for that student discount.