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There is no doubt that music brings people together, near and far. No matter the genre, there is no denying that music has a way of providing a sense of unity to those young and old. Because of artists, music allows people to grasp feelings that are hard or overwhelming to describe verbally. Having people resonate with your music’s message is a huge way for artists to be able to connect with their audience beyond the surface. For sisters Faith & Majesty, their music does that and so much more.

Singer-songwriters from south Florida, Faith & Majesty are a sister duo who are signed with Swamp Records here in Gainesville. They began their journey back in 2016 when they enjoyed bonding over music and writing song snippets together. Eventually, their love for music began to grow, and they were booked to play a Sofar Sound gig in Gainesville. Since then, the musical duo has decided to take the chance and move up to pursue more of their music.

“It is a nice creative outlet to have, especially during a pandemic. Spending time in quarantine was a great way for us to not only bond over our music but to allow us to channel our songwriting in a more vulnerable way,” said Majesty, the 22-year-old younger sister within the duo. 

Although music is a vast bonding factor that the sisters share, Faith & Majesty also channel their love of helping people with nursing. When the sisters are not writing music, they work as full-time nurses. When asked how they found the time to balance music and nursing, their response was simple: “It is all about teamwork. When one of us is busy, the other will simply write down ideas, and when we are together, usually on the weekends, we share them and brainstorm from there.”

“The really cool thing about having a duo and a partner is that we will always pull each other up when we need it,” Majesty mentioned when asked about their songwriting process as a duo. “I like how there is not a set songwriter and someone who dabbles with the music. We share the songwriting workload, whether someone writes the bridge of one song and the other writes the chorus. It is very free-flowing between us,” continued Faith, the older sister within the duo.

Moreover, if you’ve heard their music, their dynamic works in their favor. With their sound being influenced by HAIM and The Lumineers, their discography gives listeners an intimate indie sound with a heartfelt message in each song. The sister duo made it evident that one of their main goals is to shed light on the fact that not everyone has it together. They want their music to reflect life’s vulnerability of not knowing the unknown.

“When people listen to Faith & Majesty, I want our listeners to know that they have permission to feel, regardless of it not always being something good. Everything that you feel is completely valid, and it’s okay to process that and just be in it,” said Majesty. “Embracing that you are a human being that needs to feel is the main intention that our listeners should know when listening to our music. Many of our songs aren’t necessarily super positive, but they are real. With every real message, however, there is a hopeful undertone, and we want our listeners to be able to feel that,” Faith added.

When asked about their future goals, the sisters were not afraid to hold back. “Hopefully, in the next five years, COVID is more manageable. I see tours happening for the sake of meeting new people and having the opportunity to meet our fans. Exposing our music to different countries would also be a great goal of ours,” said Majesty. “There are definitely some venues that we have always dreamed about performing at. In the next five years, I would love to play at the venues that we have always talked about, not to mention our music being the main priority. Hopefully, by then, music will be a full-time thing, and we will have a much bigger discography to showcase,” Faith continued.

As for their discography, it is beginning to expand. Their latest single and first official released in 2021, “Premise,” takes you through the duo’s lyrics that sum up the thoughts, realizations, doubts and truths the two sisters faced in 2020 through symbolism. With its vulnerable lyrics and soothing tone, “Premise” takes the listener through the stages of the “dark past, hopeful future and the honest present.”

“A part of self-care is honesty and processing how you feel in the best way possible,” said Faith & Majesty. “Songwriting is our way to process emotions, and this song is a good representation of that.”

Check out more of Faith & Majesty’s discography here.

Jasmine Cubillan is a third-year at the University of Florida and is currently studying public relations with a minor in event management and dance. Her articles cover topics from women empowerment to local businesses to support. When she isn't writing articles for Her Campus UFL, she practices yoga or explores new places to have brunch.
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