Expectations vs. Reality During the Christmas Season

You always expect the holidays to be amazing. You want to go ice skating, caroling and start building gingerbread houses. You have all these amazing plans and goals, but sometimes they don’t turn out the way you want. Here are some of our expectations for the holidays and how they actually turn out:

Buying and Wrapping Presents

Expectation: Everything will be done weeks before Christmas.

Reality: You’ll be shopping on Christmas Eve.

Decorating for the Season

Expectation: It’ll be a breeze.

Reality: More decorations will fall on you than will actually end up on the walls.

Eating During the Holidays

Expectation: After Thanksgiving, you swear you’re going to lose weight.

Reality: But then Christmas rolls around…

Baking Christmas Cookies

Expectation: You’ll basically be Betty Crocker.

Reality: You burn everything you touch.

Doing Holiday-Related Activities

Expectation: You’ll be drowning in joy and cheer by the time Christmas is done.

Reality: You spend the entire holiday break in bed.

Sometimes it’s better to just keep your expectations low.