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Evil April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

Though roommate pranking can be done year-round, April Fools’ Day is designated for trickery. You must make sure your pranks are well-thought-out and not too obvious. Here are a couple tricks that will surely leave your friends or roommates in a fit of rage and frustration but hopefully followed by fits of laughter:

1. Substitute Shampoo for Baby Oil Put baby oil inside your friend’s shampoo bottle, and leave it where you found it. When she showers and tries to wash her hair, she’ll emerge with an oily head wondering how her hair could have possibly gotten that greasy. Chances are she’ll probably get back in the shower thinking she didn’t wash her hair well enough. Try not to laugh as you watch her in the never-ending cycle of washing hair to remove grease, only to end up with even oilier hair than before.

2. Coat the Soap Grab clear nail polish, and cover your roommate’s bar of soap. The nail polish dries clear, so whenever your friend tries to wash her body or clean her hands, she’ll notice the soap not lathering up. She probably won’t keep going back to wash her hands after realizing you messed with her and seeing you struggle to hold back your laughter. Worth a try though!

3. Buttery Armpits Replace your friend’s deodorant with a cold stick of butter. Open the deodorant, and bang it on the table so it all comes out of the container. Then press the stick of butter into the empty container, and make sure it’s completely filled. Clean off the edges, and try to make it look used. Her armpits will reek soon enough.

4. Powdery Hair Buy baby powder, and sprinkle it inside your friend’s hairdryer. Hope that she doesn’t blow-dry her hair inside your room because an explosion of white powder awaits her as soon as she turns on the hair dryer. Expect her to emerge from her room extremely frustrated and ready to kill you for making her have to shower twice as well as making her room a powdery mess.

5. Numb Gums and Clean Teeth Mix Oragel, which numbs your gums, with your friend’s toothpaste. As she brushes her teeth, she’ll feel a numbing sensation start to spread through her mouth. Depending on how dramatic she is, an outburst may ensue as she starts to figure out why on earth her mouth feels the way it feels.

Take advantage of today as your one chance to  prank your friends, but make sure to have fun with it! April Fools’ is the one day you can get away with just about anything, all in the name of pranking. Get scheming, collegiettes™!

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