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Elizabeth Lozano ’11

Name: Elizabeth Lozano
Age: 21
Ethnic background: Hispanic/Latino-Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican
Expected Graduation year: 2011

Relationship status: In a committed long-distance relationship.
Desired relationship status: A committed relationship that isn’t long-distance.
Major and Why: Psychology, and because I want to be a counselor.
Hobbies/Interest: dance, hiking and swimming
Favorite TV shows/music/movies: TV: Jersey Shore and Property Virgins Music: R&B Movies: The Notebook :)
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: He is successful, educated, in love with God, patient, hopeful and down to earth.
Idea of Perfect Date: Taking a skydiving and hiking trip in FIJI.
Name one Unique or Interesting Thing About Yourself: I got my first tattoo and went skydiving for the first time when I visited the South Island of New Zealand.

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