Dress Like Your Favorite 'Riverdale' Characters With This Week's Entertainment Lookbook

Riverdale has captured the hearts of many with its addictive storyline and endless amount of characters to obsess over. The past two seasons we’ve seen plot twists, but we’ve also been given an equal amount of style inspiration.

In my first Riverdale style post, I highlighted four looks from the four main characters. As much as I love Archie Andrews and ship Bughead, I thought it was time to show love to some more Riverdale characters.


If looks could kill, Cheryl Blossom might just be the Black Hood. Her style is unlike any other, and honestly, I can’t wait for new episodes just to see what Cheryl is going to show up in. Her red hair is one of her most identifiable features, but Cheryl typically incorporates red into every single outfit, especially her lip color.

You can recreate Cheryl’s killer style with a red suede skirt, high-neck long-sleeve top, and heeled booties. Red lipstick isn’t required, but it’s definitely encouraged.


Josie’s style is like if the Cheetah Girls made a comeback in 2018. Being the frontrunner in Josie and the Pussycats isn’t the only thing Josie is known for in the show. She slowly becomes more independent and self-aware of who she is and who she wants to be, which reflects in her style.

You can recreate Josie’s style with a high-neck leopard print top, black mini skirt, and some chunky heels. With this look, you might want to leave the cat ears at home and opt for a more subtle accessory like cat-eyed sunglasses!



Toni Topaz is the new kid on the block. Her appearance in season two definitely did not go unnoticed. For once, we are able to see the South Side Serpents in a different light and able to take notes from their style. Toni is a serpent, but that doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice style to stay in the gang.

You can incorporate Toni’s looks into your own wardrobe. All you need is a flannel top, black leather skirt and some edgy booties. Leather jacket is optional for this look!



Reggie is the epitome of school spirit in Riverdale. You don’t get to mess with a Riverdale Bulldog without answering to him. Though his blind loyalty to Riverdale High can sometimes alter his decision-making, Reggie is still a great character.

You don’t have to sport a varsity jacket every day to channel your inner Reggie. You can opt for a cute varsity-style t-shirt dress, throw on a hoodie and finish off the look with some cool sneakers!

Hopefully these looks will hold you over until the season three premiere in October. So grab a milkshake, get comfy, and start binging seasons one and two to get ready for the premiere!