The Disney Princess Zodiac Guide

Growing up, and probably still today, we all wanted to be Disney princesses. We imagined ourselves as having all of their best qualities, while dressing up like them for Halloween or any other day we got to wear a costume. Through careful, secret scientific research, I’ve been able to match each zodiac sign to a princess. Find your sign below to see who you are most like!

March 21 — April 19

Courage, determination, optimism, honesty and passion are just a few words that can be used to describe you and Tiana. You take action and achieve your dreams, just like Tiana did with her restaurant.

April 20 — May 20

A Taurus enjoys music, romance and working with her hands, just like Rapunzel. You are both stubborn but reliable. Rapunzel was committed to her dream of seeing the floating lanterns, and stuck to her project until completion. You’ll be the same way in life, be it graduation or landing every promotion in sight.

May 21 — June 21

If you’re a Gemini, then you’re just like Belle. You are both gentle and affectionate, with the ability to learn quickly. This makes it easy for you to love books, magazines, music and sociable chats with just about anyone.

June 21 — July 22

If you’re not a redhead like Merida, you’re still a fiery soul. You’re highly imaginative and loyal, which makes you perfect for helping loved ones. Merida went above and beyond to save her family, which demonstrates your greatest strength of persistence.

July 23 — August 22

Just like Anna, you are warm-hearted and cheerful. You enjoy having fun with your friends. Anna never gave up on her sister Elsa, demonstrating a Leo’s ability to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

August 23 — September 22

Virgos are just like Mulan. Because you’re very dedicated to your family, you would do the unthinkable for loved ones. Maybe you’d even chop off your hair and pretend to be a man to take your father’s place in the army. Practicality and strong work ethic are your strengths.

September 23 — October 22

Perhaps you were the wild child who could always be found playing outside. Your love for nature makes you just like Pocahontas. You are both cooperative and gracious, always finding balance and symmetry throughout various aspects of life.

October 23 — November 21

Determined and decisive, Scorpios resemble Jasmine, who stood up for herself in finding true love in an era filled with arranged marriages. Like Jasmine, you are passionate and stubborn, and you always tell the truth.

November 22 — December 21

Just like the energetic and extroverted Ariel, you enjoy your freedom and the outdoors. Intensely curious and always enthusiastic, you probably spend most of your time checking out thingamabobs and whatzits.

December 22 — January 19

You are responsible and disciplined, just like Cinderella. She always worked hard, just as you probably do around finals week. It’s your professional quality that makes you the independent and strong woman you are today.

January 20 — February 18

If you’re an Aquarius, you are most like Aurora. You are both excellent listeners who love helping out others. You can be shy and quiet and at other times energetic and eccentric, like the time Aurora danced with woodland creatures.

February 19 — March 20

A naturally friendly and tolerant person who can get along with many different types of people, Snow White would get along with all seven of the dwarves, even Grumpy. You are both gentle and compassionate, with strong musical abilities that bring all the birds to your yard to do chores.

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