Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: Solutions To Organizing Your Room

Whether you’re living in a tiny dorm or your own room in an apartment or house, it’s hard to find space for all your shoes, clothes and miscellaneous items. Chances are your closet is so tiny that it hits maximum capacity with two winter coats. These storage hacks and cute solutions will make your place feel less cluttered and more like home.

1. DIY pipe clothes rack
Finding room for the endless piles of clothes that seem to appear out of nowhere (right around every time there’s a sale) is tough. If you’re like me, your closet holds about five T-shirts, but I’ve got a cute solution. With a quick trip to a hardware store, you can build your own clothes rack on your wall with pipes. The look matches any room theme and is easy to install. Make it your own by choosing the size that’s right for you.

2. DIY scarf holder
This wall-mounted organizer is a cute way to store and display your scarves. Just glue some clothespins to a board, paint it whatever color you want and then mount it on the wall. You can conveniently get your scarves down during the winter, and it doubles as a colorful wall decoration during the summer.

3. DIY decorated box
Finding space for random knick-knacks can be difficult, especially with a lack of shelf space, but this is the perfect solution. Decorate an old cardboard box to fit the colors of your room, then store everything in it under your bed. The boxes are easy to slide on carpet and wood so they are easy to access.

4. Repurposed bookcase for shoes
Storing dozens of pairs of shoes is a struggle. Trust me, I know. Whether you’ve tried hanging them on the back of a door or on a shoe rack, it never looks as good as you'd hoped. Now you can store those shoes in a cute way: on a bookshelf! Find an old bookcase, paint it and then store your shoes on it.

5. Repurposed ladder
While a ladder may seem like the last thing you want in your room, it’s a simple organizational tool. Find a wooden ladder somewhere like Lowe’s or on Craigslist, then paint it to match your room. You can mount it horizontally on the wall and hang clothes on the steps, or lean it vertically and hang towels, decorations, clothes and belts on it.

6. Tank top ring hanger
Hanging tank tops on individual hangers wastes so much space in a small closet, especially if you bought every color you could at Forever 21. For an easy fix, buy a large hanger ring, which can be found in the hanger aisle of most stores, and hang your tank tops on the loop.

7. PVC pipe organizer
At Lowe’s, all your organization dreams can come true. Buy PVC pipe that you can set up in drawers to organize into sections. Roll up socks, scarves and underwear to keep your drawers organized.

With these tips in mind, get ready for the organized room you’ve always dreamed of. Display your clothes in a way that’s functional and pleasing to the eye, and hide away your random items under your bed in cute decorated boxes. Plus, you’ll finally have somewhere to put all your shoes.

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