Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: Framed Jewelry Holder

School is finally dwindling down to a few weeks until summer (the beach is so close!), and time for moving is here. Whether you’re heading back home or to a new dorm/apartment, it is time to face the facts- no matter where you go, you’re most likely going to toss all your accessories into one box and ignore the impending mess of having to untangle all your jewelry. Well, this week, I have a college craft that is going to get your jewelry collection under control and looking good- a DIY framed jewelry holder! Now, moving all your jewelry isn’t a problem. In fact, with your new stylish way of handling your jewelry, you’ll want to show this off to all your friends! This craft is really easy to make and will only take an hour or so away from your summer tanning time. Have fun, collegiettes!

What you’ll need:1. Frame (any size works, but the bigger the better and easier to construct)2. Chicken wire (most likely found at a hardware store)3. Staple gun (or any adhesive glue will work, but will take longer to dry)4. Heavy duty scissors (or wire cutters)

How to make it:1. Cut the chicken wire. Depending on the size of your frame, I would give about half an inch extra for stapling. Also, if you decided you want to repaint your frame or decorate it in anyway, now would be the time!

2. Staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame. Take the stapling gun, and staple a few inches apart per side of the frame. If you’re using an older frame, make sure it can handle the staple gun. The first time I tried to do this, my frame was a little too weak, and the staples actually tore out some of the wood! Other than that, this step should be easy and quick.

3. Hang your jewelry and enjoy!

Can you believe that’s all it takes to fashion this adorable DIY? Not only is it affordable and easy to make, but it will look fantastic anywhere! Whether on a dorm wall, apartment bathroom or even reused for organization over a desk, you can’t go wrong with your new framed jewelry holder! Enjoy and take a deep breath knowing you’ll never have to worry about rummaging through all of your accessories to find that one pair of earrings.