Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: Fall Crafts to Brighten Your Room

The temperature is (slowly) starting to drop and we wish the leaves were changing colors. Fall is in full swing in Florida! While it might not look like fall outside, you can make your room a sea of autumn colors with some fun DIY decorations. Adding these easy, cheap additions to your dorm or apartment will make you feel cozy and warm and have you curling up with a cup of hot chocolate, even if it’s still 80 degrees out.

1. Yarn Pumpkins

This DIY is one of the more crafty and fun ones, so it’s great with a group. Using balloons, glue, string and a little dye, you can make cute yarn pumpkins to place around the house or string on a cord to hang up on the wall. For some extra fun, put them on string lights!

2. Wine Cork Pumpkin

If you’re someone always looking for something to do with your leftover wine corks, you’ve come to the right place. This craft only requires paint and glue (and a few bottles of wine). Glue your wine corks together by the sides to form a pumpkin shape, then paint the body orange and the stem green, voila!

3. Fall Luminary

For the craftier of us, this luminary is perfect. Using an old can, a stencil, a nail and a hammer, create a shape for light to shine through. Poke holes in the side of the can in the shape you want, then place a candle inside for a beautiful glow. Put it in your room or outside your door for a festive feel.

4. Popcorn Kernel Candle

And this one is for the less crafty of us. Start with a clear glass cylinder or candle holder, then fill it with popcorn kernels and put a candle in. To mix it up a bit, paint the outside of the glass with pumpkins, leaves or other fun, fall designs.

5. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Nothing says fall like making your whole house smell like cinnamon. This DIY takes a little more time than the rest, but the end result is well worth it. Bake some closed pine cones to open them and put in a plastic bag and mist with cinnamon essential oils and water. Then, seal and leave them for a few weeks to infuse. It’s as simple as that.

Next time you’re missing a real fall (sorry, Florida), check out these DIYs to get you in the spirit. Whether you’re spending a night in with your roomies or just taking some time for yourself to relax after a long day, these crafts are sure to bring some fall cheer to your life.


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