Dishes ‘n’ DIYS: Decorated Clipboard, the Type-A Girl's Organizational Dream!

Even though I would not personally describe myself as a very organized girl (my messy desk and undefined schedule would agree), this is a DIY I still love! A personalized, decorated clipboard is a perfect way to keep yourself organized, or it's a cute gift for a friend! With only a few supplies and even less steps, this DIY is surely a craft for anyone.

Supplies you’ll need:-A clipboard; fairly obvious and easy to find as well-Mod Podge or any decoupage/adhesive equivalent-Scrapbook paper; as a safe bet, I would say two sheets of the same paper-An X-Acto knife or some sort of rotary cutter-Any embellishments, such as ribbons, stickers or buttons-Sponge brush; this will work best for applying the Mod Podge

How to make it:

1. Measure your scrapbook paper to the clipboard. Typically, most paper will cover the entire clipboard but I would buy two sheets just in case. Most of your adjustments will be to shave off the side and possibly recycle them to whatever is left uncovered. Make sure to be exact because any leftover will give the clipboard an unfinished look.

2. It’s Mod Podge time! Mod Podge is essentially tough glue that gives a matte finish, but for now we are using it as adhesive for your scrapbooking paper! Simply cover the entire clipboard with Mod Podge (be liberal with your glue), and carefully apply your paper. You’ll want to lay it very gently, and slowly smooth out any bubbles or excess Mod Podge left over. If there are any small bubbles, don’t worry! Most will come off when you apply the top layer of Mod Podge. Wait about five minutes for it to dry.

3. Once your drying time is complete, apply the top layer of Mod Podge on the scrapbook paper. Be generous with the glue, but make sure you don’t apply too much in one spot, or it will warp the paper. Also during this process, the Mod Podge may make your paper bubble, (it did when I tried this!) but that should smooth out when it is dry. I suggest using a sponge brush for this because it creates more of a seamless look and helps the matte finish come out looking nice and smooth. Wait about five minutes, and reapply if necessary.

4. Now comes the fun part--decorating! You can add whatever you want to it such as sequins, bows or stickers! This is the part where you get to make it your own.

And that’s all it takes! Enjoy staying organized with your clipboard or rejoice in keeping your Type-A friend happy with a new gift! Congratulations on your new DIY clipboard!