Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 9 Plant DIYs to Satisfy Your Green Thumb

Plants are a great way to lighten up your room, kitchen and porch, but an even better addition is a cute pot for the plants to go in! While most of these planters work well for all plants, succulents are a great plant to ensure no water leakage or overgrowth, especially in small planters. Find some succulents and other plants at the local farmers' market for tons of local options.

1. Tea Cup Garden

This DIY doesn’t take much. Just use an old teacup you have, or find one at a thrift shop for cheap. A matching saucer to place it in will ensure you don’t get dirty water everywhere.

2. Macrame Hanging Planters

Hanging plants are perfect for above your bedside table to add an earthy tone to your room. Hang them near a window for extra light. You can even use an old T-shirt to make the strings.

3. Painted Pots

Painting pots is possibly the easiest DIY you could do, but you can add personal touches and make sure the pots perfectly match your room theme. You can buy plain pots at a hardware store for fairly cheap.

4. Stacked Pots

If you’re looking for a cute display perfect for outdoors like on your porch, look no further. These sideways stacked pots will allow for more plants in a smaller space. This tutorial may seem complicated but actually doesn’t require a lot of work, and it makes watering your plants easy.

5. Tin Can Planters

We all have leftover cans we’re putting in the recycling or throwing away, but now you can make an easy, cute planter by poking a hole or two in the bottom and painting the can a cute color. The texture on the sides adds life to the new pot.

6. Wine Cork Planters

A great use for wine corks: tiny succulent planter magnets. Dig out a hole in the cork, put in a little dirt and plant a mini succulent for a cute, earthy fridge magnet.

7. Tuna Can Planter

A tuna can doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing, but when you add clothespins around the edge you can’t even tell there’s a tuna can in there! Plant lemon seeds for a fresh scented grass, perfect for your desk or the kitchen counter.

8. Tiered Planter

Going to the store for a little bit of herbs can be a hassle, so having your own mini tiered herb garden is a great idea. Save space by stacking the pots, and even label the pots with what plants they hold. Use small pots for an indoor garden and bigger ones for your yard or porch.

For all of these planters make sure to put a hole in the bottom to drain water, unless you plan to use succulents, which only require a little water at a time. Use these tutorials to give life to your new place or lighten up your current room. Have fun with these by adding personal touches like a different design, colors to match your room or a pot or teacup that holds a special place in your heart.

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