Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Breakfast Recipes For All Occasions

As we all know, breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day. It gives you energy, brings the gals together for morning gossip and even cures hangovers. If you need more convincing, you’ve obviously never had brunch. These different breakfast meals will fit every occasion — from a fancy Sunday brunch to last-minute breakfast before class.

1. Overnight Egg Casserole
I always find myself with stale or leftover bread in the back of the fridge, but this recipe takes care of it. Plus, it’s simple and takes almost no time to make. Just tear up white bread and layer it with cheese in a casserole dish, then fill the cracks with an egg and milk mixture. Store in the fridge overnight, then throw it in the oven in the morning and it’ll be done in no time. It’s perfect for a big breakfast or brunch gathering!

2. Blueberry Croissant Puff
This tasty treat is similar to the overnight egg casserole, but flakier, sweeter and lighter. Instead of torn up white bread, use a sweeter substitute: croissants. This, plus layers of blueberries and a cream cheese, sugar and milk filling makes this dish a great addition to a fancy breakfast with your friends, or to impress your parents when they come to town.

3. Banana and Egg Pancakes
Running late to your morning class inevitably means a grumbling stomach halfway through lecture. Lucky for you, I’ve found the solution: the easiest pancakes ever. One banana and two eggs makes for the quickest and tastiest pancakes you’ve ever made. These pancakes aren’t only great for when you’re running late; they’re also a perfect solution for those Saturday mornings when you need food to overcome your hangover without putting in too much effort.

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake
This recipe is for those early morning workouts, despite how rare they might be. This shake is great before or after your workout. It’s filled with protein and sugar to boost your energy for the short and long term so your workout goes well and you can keep going all day.

5. Omelet Breakfast Muffins
Another make-ahead recipe that’s great for the days you wake up five minutes before you need to leave: egg muffins. They are just what they sound like: scrambled eggs in a muffin tin. Add whatever ingredients you like in your omelets. My personal favorites include tater tots, bells pepper, cheese and spinach. Throw one in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat it on the go!

These recipes will change the way you do breakfast for the better (any maybe increase how often you eat it). Next time you’re struggling to decide what to eat for breakfast, brunch or brinner (because you can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner), try one of these delicious recipes and you may never eat anything but breakfast again.

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