Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 4 DIY Ways to Relieve Stress

Who hasn’t thought about dropping it all and quitting school after a stressful day? We all need to lower the stress in our lives, and what better way than with DIY projects? Take any one of these projects to help relax you, or combine them all for the ultimate stress relief.

1. DIY Stress Balls

What better way to decrease your daily stress than a stress ball to carry around everywhere you go? Make it any size you want — like a little one to carry in your purse or a big one to keep at your desk at home. There are many different types to make, but this particular DIY stress ball has my personal favorite texture.

2. DIY Zen Gardens

We all want to be Zen masters, with cute succulents on our window sills and daily yoga rituals. But who has the time? Add some Zen to your life with a no-maintenance, easy-to-build Zen garden to keep on your desk. Use the tiny rake to draw designs in the sand — a relaxation technique that uses focus and repetition as an escape from your busy life.

3. DIY Detox Water

While simply drinking more water is always certain to make you feel better, these detox water recipes are sure to make you feel more healthy, refreshed and relaxed. Getting the toxins out of your system is essential to stress-free living.

4. DIY Stress-Relief Sugar Scrub

If you have some time on your hands or are planning a relaxing weekend, take to time to make this lavender and lemon sugar scrub. The scents and oils of these two natural elements are proven to relax your body and mind. Use the scrub before you go to bed for an even more restful sleep.

Next time you feel like school, work and/or your social life are crashing down around you, or that the stress is too much, try out some of these DIY solutions to make your day a little easier. These DIYs are great to keep around for your next breakdown, or just a relaxing Sunday before the dreaded Monday.

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