Dishes ‘n’ DIY: 5 Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipes

Pasta is a great go-to meal for late nights or a quick dinner that needs minimal prep. But butter and Parmesan cheese aren’t enough sometimes, and that’s when these easy pasta sauces come in handy. Make them ahead of time and freeze them for an even easier meal in a bind.

1. Walnut Cream Sauce
This sauce is one of my favorites and my default when I’m craving the flavors of Italy. The recipe only calls for four ingredients: cream, cheese, walnuts and pepper. After grinding the walnuts, heat the ingredients in a pan and cover your favorite pasta in the creamy goodness.

2. Pesto Sauce
You can never go wrong with a classic, and pesto sauce is one of the best. It’s light, healthy and can be frozen easily. Olive oil, pine nuts, basil and garlic make up the core ingredients. Thrown together in a food processor they blend perfectly. Not only is pesto great on pasta, but also on chicken and tofu.

3. Tomato Sauce
Another classic, tomato sauce is a simple but flavorful sauce that is always a hit. With a can of whole peeled tomatoes and an onion, you can simmer a sauce that’s not only perfect for spaghetti but also a great pizza base.

4. Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce
If you want a healthy alternative to cheesy alfredo sauce, this recipe is exactly what you need. Cauliflower has the right texture when put in a food processor. With a little Parmesan and spices you can barely tell the difference from the real thing, except this sauce is also a healthy serving of vegetables.

5. Avocado Sauce
For the ultimate creamy, healthy, flavorful pasta sauce, this is what you need. Avocado alone has the right creaminess needed for a good sauce, but basil and garlic add the flavors needed to pack a punch. These three ingredients, with a little salt and pepper, thrown in a food processor coat pasta perfectly.

These easy recipes will amp up your pasta nights in a big way. Make some ahead of time and freeze them in an ice cube tray for perfect single-portion sizes you can thaw later. While these sauces are always good on pasta, don’t forget to try them out on other things like meat, tofu, pizza or as a dip for crackers.

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