Dishes ‘n’ DIY: 5 Chinese To-Go Items You Can Make At Home

Ordering Chinese food after a long day always sounds like the right idea because it’s quick and cheap but the benefits stop there. Next time you’re craving an easy Chinese meal, head to your own kitchen. Some of the recipes are still fast at home, and often cheaper and healthier if you buy the ingredients from the grocery store.

1. Orange Chicken

We all love a good, crispy orange chicken meal. And as it turns out, it isn’t too hard to make at home. While the recipe may call for a lot of ingredients, they’re all things you probably already have in your pantry! After coating the chicken, just fry it up and cook it in the sauce. It’s that simple.

2. Egg Drop Soup

This soup is one of my go-to meals after a long day. It’s simple, comforting, and filled with protein. Simply boil some broth, scramble eggs in a bowl, then as you stir the broth in a circle, slowly pour the eggs in.

3. Fried Rice

Fried rice is a great meal, since you can put in almost anything you want. The only base ingredients are rice, eggs and soy sauce. My personal favorite additions are edamame, carrots and onions, but you can add almost anything. It’s also a great way to use up the last of your vegetables.

4. Fried Cheese Wontons

My favorite order of Chinese to-go is fried cheese wontons, but being able to make them at home is a game changer. Frying the wontons is the hardest part, but it only involves a big pot and plenty of oil! Add some sweet and sour to dip them in and you’re good to go.

5. Spring Rolls

These require spring roll sheets, but after that it’s another kitchen sink recipe. Slice everything up in thin strings, throw in so protein then wrap them up. Fry them in a similar situation to the wontons, and you’re ready for your own Chinese meal!

Turn to these healthy, quick recipes next time you’re craving Chinese food and not only will it be delicious, but your friends will be impressed by your cooking skills! If you’re stuck looking for some of the ingredients, check out a local Asian market for the tough-to-find items.


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