Decorating Your Apartment with a Discount

After living on campus for three years, I’ve now been able to take full advantage of decorating my apartment with my roommate. On one particularly dreary (aka when it poured on the first game) day, we took it upon ourselves to brighten up our Gainesville home. Here are some of the hot spots we found to spruce up any apartment. 

Marshalls and TJ Maxx: Anyone who doesn’t shop here already is seriously missing out. They have canvases, signs, photo frames and just about anything you could think that might look nice in a home. Decor like this usually fall within the $5 to $20 dollar range.

The Dollar Store: This is legitimately one of my favorite places to go, especially for seasonal decorations. Since everything is, of course, a dollar, it’s a good place to not feel guilty about buying decorations that will only be up for a couple months. That being said, we still wasted no time — our apartment was decorated for fall on September 2nd.

Amazon: Amazon might seem like an obvious choice, but if you have student Prime, you can really use it to your advantage. There’s cool string lights for under $10, and a couple years ago, I put a chalk wall up in my dorm.

Society6: Tapestries; I know that $39 seems pretty steep, but split between your roommates, it’s a reasonable cost for something that will be up for nine months to a year. We have the small tapestry (51 inches by 61 inches), and it’s just the right size for above the couch. Keep an eye out and sign up for emails because they often offer 10 percent off or free shipping —  sometimes both at the same time!

Shutterfly: I love photos and use every chance I have to hang them up. Shutterfly often offers 101 free prints and if you sign up for an account, you get 50 free prints. It’s an easy and cheerful way to brighten a room.

There’s countless places with daily deals —  make sure to sign up for emails to always be in the loop on discounts. Best of luck to you in your decorating. I hope the sales are plentiful!


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