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The Crafty Gator: DIY Flower Vase

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a new spin on a trendy vase that collegiettes™ like you can create yourself. With all of the flowers that accompany this mushy holiday, this super easy craft is the perfect way to get ready for all of the roses you’ll be showered with! Who wants to be stuck without a place to put them all? This week, I’ve got you covered!


The first step is to buy an interestingly shaped vase from a craft store. It can be anything you like, but I chose a classic one for this project. Next, you’re going to spray paint the entire interior and exterior of the vase, so no glass can be seen — it should be completely covered. I used a matte black to go along with the trendy vibe that the pennies will bring out.

Once the vase is dry, locate a bunch of pennies in your wallet, under couch cushions, at the bottom of your gym bag, etc. Some of them have probably gotten a little dirty over time, so I suggest cleaning them by either using Coca-Cola or a salt and vinegar mixture, since the acid will clean them right up.  Make sure to dry them after this step.

Now, create an alternating pattern of Abraham Lincoln’s head and the Lincoln Memorial, which is the front and back of a penny if you didn’t know! The key is to be creative and use both old and new pennies to create a combination of shiny and matte. Use a hot glue gun to draw a circle of glue about the same size as the penny on the vase starting at the bottom. Continue all the way around the vase until you reach the same point where you started. Sometimes, the pennies won’t match up perfectly, so you might have to overlap them a little. After completing one ring, start another until you reach all the way to the top. Finally, you’ll have an awesome vase that will make your red roses pop. Now your friends will be jealous of not only the flowers you've received, but also the vase you've made for them!

Happy Crafting!

XOXO,The Crafty Gator

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