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College Probz: So You’re Afraid to Raise Your Hand In Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Picture this: it’s the first day of class, you want to make a good impression and your professor asks a question that you know the answer to. You have two options that you could take.

Option 1: You raise your hand and answer the question, and it’s either right or wrong.

Option 2: You say the answer in your head and wait until someone else or the professor says the answer while you sulk at your desk.

Unfortunately, most people identify with the second option, but why? Why do we feel the need to suppress our intelligence when we are in class? Isn’t that the whole idea of being in a classroom in general? To raise your hand and become a part of the discussion?

However, there are those special moments when we feel a little bit more confident than usual and we actually do participate. Usually when this happens, it brings us a sense of fulfillment and we float on a cloud of achievement for the remainder of the class. I’m here to tell you that even though it might be scary to participate or you’re scared of sounding wrong in front of your peers, you should raise your hand anyways. Here are some reasons to bite the bullet and raise that hand!

1). You won’t fall asleep!

Are you a person who constantly has a problem staying awake in class? Well not to worry, I’ve got the best thing for you, and it doesn’t even involve coffee! Participate in class! If you are constantly participating in class, then you less likely fall asleep. So before you put that head on the table to catch some z’s, raise that hand to succeed!

2). You’ll comprehend what’s going on in class

Another perk for raising your hand in class is fully understanding the material. When participating in a class discussion you are more likely to grasp the topic at hand. When you don’t participate in class it is easier to doze off and stare into space.

3). You’ll gain confidence

One of the last, but most important perks about raising your hand is that you’ll give yourself a confidence boost. Think about it. When you participate in class, you might be putting yourself on the spot, but the worst case scenario is that you’ll learn how to be okay with saying something wrong in a crowded room–and in the best case scenario you’ll get the confidence boost that comes with saying something right!

Raise those hands high and get that confidence you deserve.


Image Credit: Giphy.com