College Probz: So All You Can Afford is Ramen Noodles?

The money struggle is a constant battle every college student faces every time they have to decide between ordering Chick-fil-A nuggets or putting gas in the car. Should I buy the oh-so-delicious nuggets or fill up my tank that’s been on “E” for the last 10 miles? Well, my fellow nugget lovers, I’ve got some good news for you, I’m going to be your money guru. I am unfortunately very familiar with the money struggle and I am currently still in the “Red” as we speak. Budgeting money is a very adult thing to do and as I have recently discovered “Adulting” can be a challenge. However, it is not impossible. If you can learn how to manage and budget your money now, it will most definitely benefit you in the future.

1. If you have a significant other

Money tends to be a delicate issue in relationships. Expectations are high and overall unrealistic at times. Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, buy some pub subs and grab a blanket under the stars. The atmosphere of lying under the stars and the effort you put into it will make a lasting expression on your boo. In a relationship it’s important to always embrace the fact that money isn’t everything. Learn to appreciate the little things, like the company of just you and your bae staying in for a movie-night or learning how to cook your favorite meal together.

2. If you love eating out

This is my all time favorite activity! It can be hard to say no to going out with friends, but you don’t have to. Luckily, around college towns, restaurants already know that college kids don’t have much money to blow to begin with, so they make it a necessity to always have deals and buy one, get one free on their menus. Also, the time you eat could also get you sweet deals and more bang for your buck. Some restaurants have deals during certain times of the day, and if you’re a Starbucks addict (like myself) sometimes they even have BOGOs for frappuccinos during certain times of the day. If you are in fact a Starbucks queen and can’t live without your peppermint mocha latte this holiday season, try investigating in a Keurig coffee maker. Starbucks sells their own k-cups where you can make your very own cup of Starbucks coffee from the vicinity of your home. If you think about it, you’re saving money by not driving to the Starbucks to get that drink in the first place because now you’re your very own barista.

3. If you have a friend who is in the money struggles

Even if you yourself are doing fine with your finances, sometimes it can be even worse if your best friend is the one who is suffering. Now, when you guys hang out you have to pick activities to do that revolves around your friend’s wallet. However, you must remember we have all been in that situation before, and now it’s time to help your friend out. Respect that she is trying to save up during this hard time, and think of other ways you guys could hang out without both your bank accounts getting involved. If you guys are looking to go somewhere to eat, split a meal. If you’re looking to just hang out somewhere, go to a thrift store where prices are cheaper. Your friend will be forever grateful for this and for you not giving up on her during this struggling time.


Spend wisely my friends!


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