College Life, as Told by Michael Scott

College presents a wide array of problems that often leave us with more questions than answers. Between endless exams, piles of papers and mountains of midterms, all among us figuring out what the heck we are going to do with our lives, college can be a little overwhelming. These struggles can be perfectly summed up by Dunder Mifflin’s best regional manager, Michael Scott.

Every. Single. Lecture.

Physics. Organic Chemistry. Calculus. Basically all math and science classes ever.

“We will be doing a lot of group work this semester.”

Trying to sound intellectual in your classes proves to be harder than you originally expected.

When your teacher says they do +/- grades.

Looking at the cost of your textbooks in the beginning of the semester or your bank account after Friday night.

Just as average day in your 8:30 a.m. class.

When your teacher says the exam will be cumulative.

Trying to study for your exams.

When you somehow magically pass the exam you were sure you failed.

When that annoying person in your class never fails to try to talk or answer questions.

When all your friends are out having fun and you’re stuck in the library.

Seeing your week’s to-do list:

Comparing that to-do list to what you really want to do.

When your professor schedules an exam right after break.

Your coping mechanisms.

When you see your friends out at the bar.

But then losing your friends out at the bar.

You tell yourself that you’re okay, but in reality...

When your roommate can’t take the hint that you want some solitude.

How life should be:

There is no denying that Michael Scott relates to us college students. College is long and hard. “That’s what she said,” – Michael Scott. He gets it.

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