Channel Your Inner-Dancing Queen With This 'Mamma Mia!' Lookbook

Even if you’ve never seen Mamma Mia!, you can’t help but sing along when the title song starts playing. Mamma Mia! has a multitude of lovable characters with catchy songs, but what makes me so addicted to this musical film is the fashion. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again reignited our love for these characters and ABBA songs — and gave us even more style inspiration to use in our everyday looks.


Donna is truly our dancing queen. As the front-runner of Donna and the Dynamos, her style is unlike any other. Sporting platform go-go boots and flashy outfits may not be easy to pull off, but you can easily replicate some of Donna’s looks.

In both movies, Donna is known for her overalls. Most of us already own a pair, but you can just as easily pick up a cute pair of dark wash overalls and pair it with a floral off-the-shoulder top. To finish off the look, grab some reliable white sneakers because you never know when a dance number is about to start!


Sophie is Donna’s only daughter, and her style is just as sweet as she is. You might not be planning on inviting three different men (who may be your father?) to Greece anytime soon, but you can steal some fashion inspiration from her!

Sophie is typically wearing light and breezy pieces throughout both movies. To recreate Sophie’s style, all you need is a cute embroidered top or tunic, a great pair of jeans (flared if you are feeling bold) and comfortable sandals. This look is perfect for running around Greece or heading to your 3 p.m. lecture!



Tanya is a high society divorcee in the first movie, but still has the same charm in the second movie. Known for her iconic hairstyle, Tanya has killer fashion sense that you can recreate from clothes already in your closet.

Tanya is a big fan of kimonos and flowy pieces. You can recreate her look with a comfy off-the-shoulder top, breezy maxi skirt and comfy wedges. You can easily trade wedges in for some lacey sandals if you are going for a more casual look!



Rosie is one of my favorite characters because of her wit and sass. I love that she is so unapologetically herself in both movies! Her style is so fun and easy to replicate. All you need to channel your inner Rosie is a floral printed t-shirt, fun overall dress and chunky wooden heels.

No matter what you are feeling, the Mamma Mia! series offers great fashion inspiration to amp up your style along with some great tunes that will get you pumped for even the busiest of weeks. Hope you all enjoy these movies as much as I do!