Campus Style: Studying in Style

Winter break is just around the corner, cold weather is finally finding its way to Gainesville, and many of us are cooped up in the library. These signs all add up to one realization: Finals week is upon us. During this stressful time, many collegiettes are not concerned with what they are wearing as long as it is comfortable, but there are a few tricks for taking your studying outfit to the next level. On my way to Library West, I ran into Eva Sailly, who was killing the fashion game, and I learned that she was on her way to study, too! With combat boots, a patterned dress and a leather jacket, Eva was well dressed and ready to conquer her textbooks. Keep reading to learn more about her style.

Name: Eva Sailly
Age: 20
Year: junior
Major: advertising

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Eva Sailly: “My dress is from Topshop. This jacket is from Nordstrom, but I don’t know the exact brand. My shoes are Dr. Martens. My sunglasses are from Wolfgang.”

HC: What is your favorite piece that you’re wearing right now?
ES: “I would have to say the dress is my favorite. I bought it because it was very 1970s-inspired. It also has a racerback, but you can’t tell because of the jacket. I really just love the pattern.”

HC: What has been your favorite item in your closet this semester?
ES: “My Dr. Martens! They go with anything. They can be grungy, or they can be worn with a dress and make it kind of punk looking.”

HC: What has been your favorite trend this semester?
ES: “Oh, I don’t know. I really like the fake fur jackets. I know that’s kind of strange in Gainesville. I had one, but I got a lot of stares, so that was the end of that. I like the whole really colorful, fake fur kind of shaggy coat.”

HC: Do you have any outfits planned out for the holidays?
ES: “Yes! I am going to be wearing a 1950s-inspired, art deco lace dress. It’s pink and then the lace on top is gold. That’s going to be my Christmas Eve dress.”

HC: Do you have any advice for staying stylish and comfortable during final exams?
ES: “Wearing cottons and things like that is important. I also like those high-waisted jumpers, the really soft pants. They’re super comfortable, and you can wear them with a cotton crop top or a cropped sweater and you’ll look really cute and still be stylish! “

Check out this fashionista’s Instagram: @eva.sailly

Photo Credit: Allison Curry